Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year

It is December 31st and I have put alot of thought into the new year coming.

I never make actual resolutions, -- to exercise more, to eat better, to join a gym.... -- Those things don't happen in my life, I learned that YEARS ago!

So, this year I have decided that each month I will knit something for charity. And I have chosen Warm Woolies and Seaman's Institute. As I mentioned earlier. WW is having a "10 for 10 by 2010" contest. They don't get many donations for the older kids, one's who will "graduate" out of being in an adoption center. They come of age. So they are asking for 7 pairs of socks for a size 11 or larger foot and three large-ish sweaters. The details will follow after the first of the year. I am so fortunate and lucky to have a wonderful son that I have decided to do boy's things. I can't wait until they post the sock pattern. I've been trying to do one on my own, they have you use double worsted or bulky. Apparently alot of these kids don't have shoes, they wear sandles, so the socks need to be extra thick and warm. Well, I am on my fifth pair of trying. I keep having M try them on and when they don't fit, I just complete them as they are and I'll send them along anyway. Warm Woolies wants mostly to all wool.

Now Seamans they want easy wash, so they will accept acrylic or blends with acrylic or nylon. I will make some hats and scarves and probably some socks.

I also joined Stash Knit Down 2009, on Ravelry. I joined the "Personal Sock club" , where you bag up your own sock yarn and pattern and then put them in a box and pick randomly each month and act as if you got it from one of the sock clubs. I have more than enough yarn for that.

Plus I joined their 52 in 52. You make one item a week for the year. I think I can manage that with the charity knitting as well as the socks.

Plus, I did pick out some mitten and hat patterns and put the yarns and patterns together in ziplocks to do also.

SO those are my "resolutions" for the coming year.

Christmas was quiet. Dad and Dingo came and stayed a few days. I wasn't very good company though. Actual, I was rather cranky the whole while. Just haven't been myself lately, for many reasons and it is showing. The weather isn't helping much either.

I promise to be better about my blog also, to post atleast once a week (can't I do it?) Should I make a 52 in 52 for blog entries? I could manage one a week perhaps when I finish an item? Maybe that's what I'll do.

I don't even get time to read the blogs of others like I used to. I miss that. I miss alot of things.

Well, here's to the new year!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I know, lame. I haven't updated in a while, but I have been busy and sick.

So this is a quick one.

I'm not going to get the french market bag finished in time.

I have gotten hats done for nearly everyone.

Toni was nice enough to let me use her sewing machine and I was able to get the linings done for four of the stockings. I just need to sew them in now.

I am trying to make the perfect fit hat. Seems either my gauge has loosened up, or I don't know what. The hats fit okay, but they aren't as snug as we'd like. I am making another one using 78 stitches and size 6 needles this time.

I have decided, after a BAD visit at Walmart Friday, I am NEVER SPENDING MY HARD EARNED MONEY THERE AGAIN! I don't care if I have to spend an extra hundred dollars to buy what ever it is I want or need. I AM NOT GOING THERE AGAIN!!!

Birthday came and went quietly. I did manage to score some yarn. The kids bought me four skeins of Kroy Sock yarn in the SAME colorway...... Plus I placed a knitpicks order..... plus I did some stash enhancement at the Cozy Cabin!! (MY favorite LYS)

I am thinking about which charity to knit for this year. I need something. So I have been looking at Warm Woolies and The Seamens Institute. Years ago, Carol Kerbel, a women I knew, went to minister there. I may do both to help get rid of some of my stash.

I am also trying to make a Baby Surprise Jacket right now. It is such a cute pattern.

Well, we put the tree up yesterday, and R decorated inside and out. So that is done, and we managed to get some cleaning done.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

OH MY! Busy am I!

First I just have to send a belated thank you to my SP Jeanine. She is just so awesome! She has sent me a subscription to Interweave Knits!!! I am so thrilled about that. I can't thank you enough Jeanine. You are just great.

Now, on to some knitting.

Thank you Ali for helping me to obtain this pattern for the "farmers market bag" I have been working on this one for a gift. It is made with Soy Wool Stripes and it going to be awesome. Notice, more stranded knitting!!

Aren't the colors just great? Wish it wasn't a gift!

These are the pair of peds for R. She asked for some of them for christmas. A super quick knit done in the Red Heart Heart & Sole yarn. Almost used the whole skein. Perfect.

This is the completed scarf for my brother for christmas. Done in Brown sheep Nature Spun. Love this yarn. Love that it's made in the USA! You should try some.

Here is the waffle scarf I made for my sister in law, Jill. It's a lovely color yellow. Also Nature spun.
I also did one in Victorian Pink for R. Also in Nature Spun!

NOW! Stash enhancement! These little cakes of Beauty are Berroco Ultra Alpaca purchased at the Cozy Cabin (hope that link works)
I also bought my first addi Turbo needles to try for some sock knitting. I have been told they are just awesome and I can't wait to try them.

Toni has had the store in her home since June and has done so well, that she has expanded to a store front! How cool is that?!! I think it's awesome! Plus she got in new yarns, AND she also has fabrics for quilters. She is getting more of those in in the coming weeks. It is all so exciting.

Yesterday was her first day in the new store and I went to cheer her on and sit and knit for a few hours. It was such a thrill to share with her and my knitting friends.
Oh, and I have to say thank you, once again, to Carolyn for letting me borrow her ball winder. It will get tons of use this next week as I make more of these adorable cakes out of my hanks.

I have updated my Ravelry projects and added some more of my stash, primarly the sock yarns. And boy does that eat up alot of knitting time!

Gotta go!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gifts to make or complete

Well I have put up my list of gifts to make or complete by Christmas. I don't have much to do on the stockings. I just have to get them done. I will work on them next week.

I have to ball up the yarn for the hats and then I can begin on them.

OH! I forgot, peds for R. That is one things she asked for.

As for myself, I am STILL working on my socks from Rhinebeck...... sigh....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is the kind of snow man I like!

Isn't this guy just adorable?! I can't bear to take him apart. He is my magic ball swap item from Toni!
When we exchanged I found out that she loves snowmen and look what she made just for me? Isn't he great!

The package to the left of him is Toni's magic ball from me. I bought some real yummy alpaca at the PA Fiber Festival in Sept for her and I just couldn't bear to wrap it all around everything, so I wrapped it up inside of the other presents and used white kitchen cotton to ball it all up. She even liked that because she said she could make a new snow man out of it!

My Snow man has some of my favorite yarn, Bartlett for the bottom in Dark Lovat, (And of course I didn't have any of this color yet and had to buy a hank before I left) and some blue Cascade 220 in the middle and some Brown Sheep Prairie Silk for his head and she even hand made a hat for him. The spooky part, are his eyes. They are from some of her taxidermy supplies!! yikes!! His arms are dpn in bamboo, plus a cable needle for his mouth and stitch markers for earrings and more stitch markers on the front button. PLUS she said there are goodies inside and I just can't bear to take him apart yet!!! I just love it. What a cool idea.

I have been very good. I am nearly done with my last stocking, then I can do the heels and make the linings. I finished a waffle scarf for R and am in the process of another one for Jill. I am making slow progress on the socks I have going STILL from Rhinebeck! Can hardly believe it's nearly a month ago already!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Magic Ball Swap!

I can't share the pictures yet. YES, I did remember to take some!! But let me tell you, Toni of the Cozy Cabin out did herself. I absolutely love it. I will tell more about it and post the pictures, of mine to her and her's to me, over the weekend.

We exchanged last night at the Cozy Cabin and she told me all of her new and exciting news! She is expanding her shop and opening at a new location in the next few weeks! I am so happy for her and I think that is so awesome! She does have a website, so I'll give her a little plug . I am so glad and so lucky to finally have a local yarn shop and I want to be sure to pass the word. Customer service is awesome, she offers my most favorite yarn, Bartlettyarns, plus Cascade, Brown Sheep, Lamps Pride and has begun to offer Opal and soon Berroco will be in her shop. Be sure to keep an eye on her shop, I am sure it is going places.

I am nearly finished with my first "holly" stocking. I have finished the penguin scarf, just need to block it. I am nearly finished with the one pair of socks, the wild salmon ones. AND as always, I am trying to figure out what to do next!

Oh, and I want to wish Carolyn and her mom an aweseome time at Stitches East this week! I hope that the two of you have an awesome time!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ok, here are the pictures that I didn't post from my last swap package from the awesome Jeanine! She had found another ball of the DB that she forgot to send along with the other package. Now I definitely have enough for that needle case in the DK magazine! She also sent some great burts bees lipbalm, which I've never tried before and have since had to HIDE.

She also sent along the great stitch markers. Better photo below!

I had such an awesome time in that swap, once things with the other upline were worked out. I am so glad that I have actually met Jeanine and that we both have enjoyed spoiling each other.

I have been busy, knitting. Every spare minute that I find, I knit!
Here is the one sock of the Aisling yarn. This one is the last wild samon. I am done with the cuff on the second sock.

Here is another Aisling yarn, called the christmas story. I started this one the morning we went to Rhinebeck and it is the Campfire pattern. One sock completed.

Now for the STOCKINGS! I have of course fully finished the original Polar Bear.

The second one is complete to the toe and just needs the heel done.

Here is the one Moose. And yes, the pattern calls for it to have a FLAT BUTT! It does look odd, but that is the pattern. Completed through toe, except the heel.

The second moose stocking was completed, to the toe, minus the heel this week.

I did start the first of two Holly stockings, no picture yet. These two will be gifts for my brother and his wife. Same yarn. (LOVE the bartlettyarns)

Now one picture of the stash enhancement of my SOCK YARN from Rhinebeck. I didn't and don't need ANY sock yarn, but I just couldn't seem to help it.

This is Lorna's Laces fingering weight, which I have never used. The top is Purple Iris and the bottom is Seascape (I think) maybe it's seaside.

Here is the everlasting bagstopper that I did. I took it along to Rhinebeck. I used the baggstopper pattern but the handles are from Ilene, I also used smaller needles, a size 7 for the bag portion. I wanted smaller holes. Talk about STRETCH! This is going to be a great shopping bag to gift. I have more of this kitchen cotton and plan to make these as a few gifts for christmas. I hope!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. I have to get all my errands done now. It's saturday and I have the day off.... some day off.....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Working hard

I haven't blogged because I am working hard on knitting projects and I just spent 45 minutes getting the basics entered into Ravelry, without pictures, to atleast have a track of what it is I've been working on.

I finished my Polar bear stranded stocking, plus I completed another one (except for the heel) for DH. I have completed a Moose Stocking (Except for the heel) and have started the second one.

I have completed one plain rib sock for myself and started the next, doing it with magic loop and loving it.

Plus, I completed one Campfire sock - which is what I started in the hotel at Rhinebeck - and have started the second sock for that pair as well, doing the magic loop.

I started on Kelly's Penguins Scarf. Making it with superwash Lambs Pride. Never used it before and I am liking it very much.

Went to Cozy Cabin yesterday for a sit and knit. Had a very nice time. Wore my nubby, WITH the buttons, that I put on the day before, but I am still not liking the closing of the sweater. This one was a true learning experince. I have decided that I DON'T want to take out the button band and try again! So I will find snaps and put them in the two places where it is gapping. And Barb! I'm sorry, still no picture of me wearing it. I am so bad about getting pictures taken of myself for things. Keep watching though, I promise one soon!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just don't know where to start.

First, I have been so busy working on knitting that I haven't been blogging, and I haven't been visiting anyone's blog and I haven't been spending much time on Ravelry either.

SECOND, Rhinebeck was this weekend and it was just awesome! Carolyn, her mother and I left Friday night after work. Carolyn drove, thank you so much Carolyn!!! And we arrived at our hotel without any problems with traffic or directions.

We all talked and shared knitting stuff for a while before going to bed. After rising early and having a great breakfast, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Poughipsee, NY, which was very nice.

We got to the fair grounds about 8:50 with no lines for parking or entering and began our adventure. (I will not post pictures today ~ oh, and Barb I promise to have a picture of my nubby cardigan!)

We went through every barn, every stall, looked, touched, smelled, admired everything. The people watching was fun too. All the gorgeous things that people were wearing! Just wonderful.

Then, we ate lunch and began to walk around the "lettered" buildings and while in a stall getting ready to purchase some Lorna's laces and some Austermann step (like I need MORE sock yarn), I looked up and there was JEANINE!! My secret pal! We had hoped to meet, but both of us have been so busy working on projects we never finalized a place a time. I saw her right away and knew it was her, she is such a beautiful woman. Anyway, I said "Jeanine?" and she looked at me, and I said "catherine" then we both squeeled and hugged each other! It was so awesome! And I have to hang my head though, she finished her vest and I failed to comment on how lovely it is. Please take a visit over at her blog and leave her a comment on how lovely her vest is. She looked so great in it! It was such a treat to actually meet her.

When we finally decided to leave, the three of us had felt we saw it all, we bought what we liked and wanted and we were ready to go home.

I had such a nice time, it was a lovely, fall day, cool but not cold. OH! And I wore my Nubby Cardigan, even though I didn't have buttons for it, I pinned it closed and even like that, I got several lovely comments from people.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Steam Blocking!

Who would have thought?

The nubby cardigan, and my unhappiness with the way the top of the sleeve was fitting, had me put it on the side to think about it for a while. Very sad. I have worked so hard on it. I could hardly bare to pick it up.

Then, last night at my knitting class, Carolyn, showed us how to steam block our stockings to help even out the stitches. I have never done steam blocking and I hadn't blocked my sweater yet, so I ask Carolyn about my sweater and she said if I worked at it gently, the stitches should relax some and it may work without having to take the sleeves apart and put in a gusset.

So, I came home and out came the iron!

IT WORKED! It was nearly 9:30, but I called Carolyn anyway to tell her that the sweater now fit the way I had hoped and that I was so happy!! Thank you again Carolyn!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up to do!! Picture intense post!

I got a package in the mail from my SP 12 pal! How cool is this? I was looking at this DB magazine when it first came out (Linda at sit and knit was going to look for one and brought me one to look at too!) Anyway, I decided against buying it then, but never mentioned it to my pal. She thought I would like it.

Plus she sent along three skeins of Rowan handknit DK cotton. I have never knit with any Rowan before and this has to be the softest cotton I have felt to date. I also love the color. I have been into greens and blues and teals and even rusts and oranges. I don't know where my color palette is going, but I'm liking color lately.

Anyway, I have had the most awesome "angel" pal. You see, my original upstream, fell off the face of the earth. It really hurts when that happens and you don't know why. I can only say, that I feel bad and hope they are okay.

But, it all turned out.

AND, even though I am not sure yet if Jeanine received my reveal package (I am her upstream) Jeanine is my "angel" pal! How cool is that? I don't know if they did it on purpose or not, but it worked out great and we are hoping to meet at Rhinebeck!

Jeanine, I enjoyed getting to know you and having you for my first SP pal. I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent you. It was great fun.

Now, here is my stranded stocking! Tonight is the last class, and I've been bad! I got the heel done but I haven't kirchnered it yet. (I don't think I spelled that right) Anyway, class has been an absolute BLAST and I have enjoyed every week and will miss going. I learned how to do an "afterthought" heel, and while I don't think I would ever do that for a sock, I will definitely do it for more of these stranded stockings. I also learned how the knit with two hands and two colors. OH! And I learned how to "pick" too. I am a thrower. Carolyn has done a great job as a teacher, always willing to jump right in with each one of us, no matter where we are at in our knitting and help us get over the "hump".

I am now planning on doing a few more stockings as christmas gifts.

Here is the dish cloth (the yellow one) I received from my friend Barb (Hi Barb!) I loved the pattern so much that I want to make more myself. BOY! Am I a tight knitter or what? I started out with a #5, got that far and decided it was too small, so went up to a size #7 and believe it or not, it came out smaller! So I ripped it back and I am going to try again!

Here is just the beginning of a completed project. I had bought this "honking" skein of kitchen cotton when it was on clearance, with the idea of market bags as gifts. like the one I eventually ended up with. Forgot to photograph it though. Anyway, I will probably make more, but do a different pattern.

Okay, I didn't tell you anything about the Fiber Festival Carolyn and I went to. This is just a small amount I am showing you. This is the sock yarn that I purchased from an Indie dyer. She names her yarns after movies! isn't that neat!? I fell in love with several, just for the names they were named after! Silly, I know.

We had an awesome time at the festival. It wasn't too large or overwhelming for me. Carolyn did the driving, and it was a rainy day, but we got there and I think we both enjoyed it very much. It was so nice to see the different animals and to pick up some new fibers to use. (I promise to post more of that on another day)

Alpaca! I am a touchy feely type of person. Alpaca! I could have stood there, eye's closed, arms out, and feeling Alpaca yarn ALL DAY! I bought enough of it to keep my happy for a while! OH! And Alpaca roving!! While I haven't bought any, if you ever, EVER have the chance to feel it! FEEL IT! It's like what you would imagine a cloud to feel like.

I still have not dealt with my nubby cardigan. I just haven't had the time. I talked with Carolyn about the slight tightness in the upper arms and I am going to gently block it first and then see if it loosens just a bit. If not, I am going to knit two gussets to put in just under the arm. I think it was the stitch pattern that makes it feel "tight". But, I think I will have time this weekend and hope to get to that project then.

I have not done much at all on my socks for september. Sad, but true. I did get them onto my new knitpicks needles and I am doing them magic loop. Which is fun so far.

Well, that is my update for this week and for the end of September.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting is done!

Well, the knitting on my Nubby is done! I have LOTS, and LOTS of ends to weave in. I also have buttons to buy. I am going to put a loop up a bit to be able to button the top of the sweater. I still have to block it, and I am hoping that it will "soften" up some when I do that. I am planning to wear it to RHINEBECK!!

Carolyn and I have made our reservations and we are making plans for that weekend! I can't wait. I am so grateful that Carolyn will drive. I know I could never have done it alone, let alone done it by myself. I would just be too wiped out. We were very lucky to get a room. I think this also prepares us for next year! BOOK earlier!

I have more things to tell, but I'm too tired.

The END is near!

No posts from me, as I have been using EVERY SPARE moment to get this collar on my nubby cardigan done! I am near the end and I can't be happier! About three more rows and I can bind off!! Yeah!!!!

I have had so much going on that I have neglected my blog, my SP, and my writing of anyone.

I promise, more to follow before the weekend and hopefully pictures of my finished cardigan!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Secret Pal is Happy!

I got an awesome package in the mail. Quite a surprise. It is from my "angel" secret pal "happy" (That's what I call her anyway). You see, in the world of secret pal, you have someone who is your "upline" who spoils you. And you have someone who is your "downline" whom you spoil. Anyway, my upline, for some unknown to me reason, dropped off the face of the earth with just a post card and a few emails. Quite disappointing, considering that I had waited to join and was so hopeful after reading other peoples blogs.

ANYWAY, my angel Happy emails me alot and we are getting to know each other, which is just great.

She sent me this package that I received in the mail today. It is sockpixie yarn and it is Bambino, which is part bamboo and part supermerino in the colorway "LeCollier" Apparenly, sockpixie only makes so many colorways, names them, and once they are gone that's it! How cool is that? I have never heard of it before and I just think it's great that my angel thought to send me such great sock yarn in such a great colorway! I just love it and now I need to figure out what it will become.

Thank you Happy for making my day with such an awesome package!!

I am in the final stretch with my Nubby cardigan! YEAH! I have both sleeves done, finished the second one this morning and I seamed together the pieces today. I can't believe that all the modifications I made WORKED! And the seams look AWESOME! Now I am working on the button band and then the other side band and then on to the collar. So I figure MAYBE another two weeks and this one will be done! I can't wait. I have loved working on this project so much.

I also can't wait. I ordered some more knitpicks needles, circulars and I am going to go Magic Loop for socks now. I have a pair I cast on, on the 1st, on to the dreaded double pointed needles and I haven't picked them up since.!~

Well, gotta run! Thanks again Happy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have managed to finish one sleeve and have begun the next one. I can't wait to see this all put together as I have not done a "piece" sweater like this before. The sleeves have "caps" on them and I hope this all works out. If worse comes to worse, I know they will be under the wonderful, large collar and any thing wonky won't show.

I am still in love this yarn and keep dreaming about things to make with it.

I was given a demonstration on how to do magic loop and I have taken the plunge and ordered a set of longer cable needles from Knitpicks. I had started a pair of socks on Sept 1 to keep going with my one pair of socks a month, but I only have dpn in a size 1, and I have decided "NO MORE DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES!" I just feel like I am using two left feet to knit with them.

Then, I am starting the stocking class up at Cozy Cabin tonight and my brain fog is not helping. I can't find my size 6 needles, so since I knit tight anyway, I am bringing along my size 9 and 7 needles to use instead.

Yesterday, at work, was just a horrible day and I am hoping there is no repeat today. Somedays I truly think my brain has left me and I end up looking like a total ass. I don't know how long I can make such mistakes and still have a job.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, it's a new month. I have to begin a new pair of socks and I'd like to try them on a size one needle, only I don't have any circulars in that size, so I will have to use DPN by default. I didn't have a chance to pick a pair up. I am going to use the wildfoote yarn I bought and see how I like it.

I am feverishly working on my nubby cardigan. A little behind where I'd like to be, but I have already done the armhole shaping on the right arm and only have about 22 more rows to complete it and begin a sleeve. I think this may be why I like top down sweaters so much. You don't have all these pieves to be worrying about. But, I am loving the sweater and I am planning to have it done for Rhinebeck to wear there. I still have to look for buttons.

I need to start another project, I am not sure what yet though. I bought some LOVELY bartletyarn in the colorway Medium Green Heather, from Cozy Cabin this week. What a GORGEOUS color green. I don't know why I am liking greens so much lately, but this color is to die for. Perhaps I'll have to buy more and make Lady February out of it...... Otherwise, I was thinking of making another clapotis out of this. Love the pattern. Love the yarn.

Well, today is a holiday and I've dubbed it "pajama day" so I will stay in them as long as I want to today and knit as long as I feel like it!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have been bad

I haven't answered any of the SP12 questions lately.

So, here goes:

Question 6 : My favorite thing to take along is socks. When I prepare to travel, I always have more than one project with me. Mostly small things that don't require alot of attention. Love socks.

Question 7: Favorite place to knit. I usually knit at the dining room table in the quiet of the morning. That is when and where I can do my concentrated knitting. Is it my favorite place? Not exactly, it's just what I have that works.

Question 8: Favorite supper? summer? well winter or summer, I'd say it's about any meal that someone else fixes. I LOVE to cook, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to having someone else think of something, shop for it, prepare it and put their love in to it, what could be better?

Question 9: Entries in the fair. No, I haven't done this, YET. But I am considering going to our county fair this year and seeing what it is like. When we lived in NJ, the fair was just awesome. I could spend hours in the exhibit tent. In WI, well, I wasn't so impressed. I haven't been to the one here yet, it's been two years, I guess I should make a point. I would love a ribbon.

Question 10: Olympic event. That is a hard one, I am not an athlete by any sense of the word. No, no event for me or my knitting.

Question 11: best thing received in the mail? Hmmmm... I love mail, letters are great. They are a lost art. I have had many pen friends over the years, but haven't done that in a while.

Question 12: My proudest moment? Since I am mostly a self taught knitter, my proudest moment is whenever I learn something new and successfully complete it. Then I call my aunt and tell her "I have a sock!" She likes that, and so do I.

Well, that's all from me for now. It's going to be a busy weekend with lots of running around and knitting.!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank you.

I don't have a picture for this post, but I just had to say thank you to my special friend Barb for the wonderful, wonderful knitted dishcloth she made for me. What a dear. She is one of the few people who actually read my blog and she saw about the dishcloth swap I was in and she took the time to knit up one for me in lovely shades of yellow. I can't tell you how much it really made my day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yarn. Notes to myself.

Have you seen Alpaca Sox by Classic elite? The plum blueberry peacock looks fun for a clap! Seattle Haze and Woodland in Autumn look nice too. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have been looking at all the sock patterns there are out there and wondering, will I ever get to knit them? Will I ever get to try new sock yarns? Because, you know, sock yarn doesn't count as stash. At least that is what someone once said.

It is hard to imagine that there is all this yarnie goodness out there and I haven't experienced nearly any of it. I have knit mostly with Opal, which I love. I have also done some Regia, and some onLine. I don't nearly have enough. Only two solid colors, which are in browns, and no handpainted or hand dyed.

Colors. There are so many colors to choose from. How do you choose? Do you go by what you want to knit? I mean, some people choose by the color. I look at a pattern and see whether I like it or not.

I was thinking of maybe trying to do some colors that are out of the ordinary for me. I have done lots of blue, mostly self striping Opal colors. I would like to do some semi solids. I like a little color in there, just not plain, but I would like to get away from self striping for a while. I would like to be able to do some that I could get away with wearing to work, so nothing too loud. It'd have to be business like, but fun at the same time.

No, I don't feel I have nearly enough colors, pattern's or time when it comes to socks. I love doing them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just for the heck of it.

I love looking at littleknits website and it seems as if she adds more each day.

I'd love to try
araucania ranco sock multi
303 , 308, 305 are nice
ranco sock semi solid
103, 105, 108
Noro silk garden sock
8, 64

Then, I also like to look at yarncountry. They have some great Elsebeth Lavold. I love the silky wool. I did my clap scarf in that, and I would love to do a full size one.

I want to try to knit with different yarns.

I would love to try anything to make another clap or two out of. I would love to try some hand painted sock yarn. I have so many socks in my queue to try and I just haven't gotten around to it. Isn't it funny how you get the idea that you are going to be able to knit all these things and you just keep adding them?

I love knitting with the Bartlettyarns. I love the texture, smell and feel of them. My nubby cardigan is coming along nicely. I have done the first set of bind offs for the armholes. It will probably take me a better part of a month to complete. But I am so happy with it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Nubby Cardigan

I started this on Saturday. With a few trials. I think I've already blogged them. I finally have the hang of it and I'm LOVIN' IT!

The pattern is not really hard to remember, just keeping track of what row you are on is the key.

I heard from my pal, she received her package. I can breathe again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

News! Pictures! Packages!

Okay, first things first. I came home today to not one but TWO packages. Both are from the dishcloth swap that I was in. The first package is a great cloth by beginknitter. Also included was a neat bracelet with the word "hope" on it. We all need that, don't we.

Next, a package all the way from Stafforshire England! The package says "royal mail" on it! I love it. Ceri included a cloth that is so squishy and not one but TWO skeins of kitchen cotton in perfect colors for my kitchen!

If either of you take a look at my blog, thank you so much. I enjoyed the swap alot and I hope that you did too.

Here is the beginnings of my CLAPOTIS. I am using Elsabeth Lavolds silky wool. I absolutely love it. You can see some of the stitch marker that I got from Glitterbear, from the odd ball swap. They came is SO handy and made me smile while knitting.

I finished the clap today, scarf size and I still have some stitches to drop, and to weave in the ends, but I just love the weight of it and the look. It is a definite gift possiblities to it.

This next photo is of the new Bartlett yarn I purchased at the Cozy Cabin (HI Toni) last night before going to sit and knit. Anyway, the colorway is "terra cotta" it is the 2 ply and I am planning to make the Obverse Jacket, by lisa shroyer from the fall 2008 Knitscene magazine that I bought last week.

There are so many FABULOUS patterns in this magazine. I really, REALLY want to make the nubby cardiagn by deborah newton, but I am afraid I am just not experienced enough for it. I am going to make it though. Because I just love the classic look of it.
I would also LOVE the big ivy scarf by christine lorin made of Aslan Trends Artesanal. It just looks so soft and cuddly.
Those are my favorites. but I like a LOT more of them!!! smile
I sent off my package to my downline SP and the tracking says it has arrived. I got an email from her this evening, but she didn't mention the package. GEE I hope no one stole it!! I'll be on pins and needles until I hear from her.

Pictures this weekend, I promise!

Well, last night was knit night at B&N and we had a nice crowd. Two tables! It was great!

I have managed to get to the decrease rows on my CLAP and I am extremely happy with it. I am already planning on a full size one. Now just to decide which yarn to use...........

Since I have been working on this, my socks are on hold, somewhat. But I will finish them right after this before I start the next project. I want to get back to a pair of socks a month.

I sent along a wonderful package to my downline and the tracking number says that she got it yesterday. However, she didn't post it on her blog yet, or email. I sure hope she received it and it didn't get stolen. These things make me worry! sigh...

Okay, tomorrow is Saturday and I promise (hand over heart) to put up some pictures of all the things I have been working on.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Postcard!

Today I received a postcard from my upline in SP12. It is a picture of the Japanese Garden pond at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. She visited them recently for the firs time. She has lived in California all her life, I guess, as that is also the post mark.

I got some knitting done while on vacation. But not nearly enough. Spent too much time in the car. sigh.... long story.

I have finished my cowl, a scarf, that pair of socks and I have started another pair of socks in cotton, plus I have finally plunged into doing a CLAPOTIS and I am having fun with it. I am already planning more. This one is with Elsebeth Lavold silky wool that I had already. I wouldlove to do more in it and in some of the other fun yarns. I would love to do one in Noro, and in malabrigo as well as Kauni. I have to find a good deal on them I guess.

My depression has been bad, very bad these past few weeks. That's part of the reason why I haven't written or taken pictures.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first Swap package has arrived!

This is the package without the mailing stuffing in it. Look at the awesome colors! I hope they show up well. It is from the "Odd Ball Stash busters Swap" on Ravelry.

This is a scarf that is woven by "glitterbear". I absolutely love it. I love the colors of it and I love the fringe! It is just wonderful. I have never received anything like it before and I plan to wear it to work tomorrow.

Also in the package is some 100 % cotton. I have never seen this brand before but I can't wait to try it out. I'll be searching Rav to see what to make. Also included is a circular needle in a size 2.

Then, look at this sox book! Isn't this awesome?! I think it's great and I love to make ankle length socks so this book is right up my alley.

And, a set of stitch markers, which, I don't really have many of so these will come in handy as I am hoping to finally start Clapotis and will need these.

Plus, SugarBabies! I haven't had these in YEARS and they are one of my favorites.

Thank you Glitterbear! This was an awesome first swap for me and I had a great partner. I hope your's has been/will be as good to you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Questions

I know there are new questions to answer for the SP12. Mostly they deal with vacation. Where you like to go, what you like to do, where would you like to go.

Considering it has been nearly 10 years since we've done any kind of family vacation, I am not sure how I would answer.

The place I love most in the world is the ocean and the jersey shore. I grew up in the summer at on Barnegat bay in a bungalow. No heat, no air conditioning, no telephone, no tv, no shower, well water and the bay. Dad sold the house nearly 30 years ago and I miss it every summer. I wish that I had been able to help him with it more and being a teen had wanted to go more often. But as a teen I wanted to do "teen" things. Be with friends at home, not at the shore. So he sold and my heart has stayed behind there with all our happy family memories. Memories that I have not been able to give to our son. It makes me truly sad to think about.

Life goes on.

I need to see the ocean every year, preferably for a few days. It is my connection to happiness. I could sit at the bay or the ocean for hours, regardless of the weather and literally feel myself recharge from it's energy. Life energy. I love the colors, the smell of the water, the feel of the sand on my feet, whether hot or cold. The dampness of the air. The smell of the salt and the seaweed. The sight of the water coming in and going out. The sea spray. It breathes life into me, life that I don't get but a few days of the year.

Someplaces I would like to go some day are Savannah, Georgia. I had hoped to go there last year, but it didn't work out. I want to see all those old home and go to the water there. I want to eat at Paula Deen's restuarant.

Really, any coastal place I'd like to go to. I've never seen the Pacific. I'd like to go there someday, perhaps Seattle. Is that near the water?

I have also dreamed of some day seeing Alaska, on land, rail and cruise ship.

This year though, I am working. And I only get four days. I have to follow the guidelines of my employer. So I will have two days and a weekend down the shore with my Aunt and I will drink in as much of the water as I possibly can. I am hoping that Matt and I will be able to fit in one long weekend at Cape May in the fall. It is my other favorite place, because of all the old homes and architecture there.

I finished my socks! Yeah! I got a pair done for July. I am so very, very happy about that.

I have now started a roll brimmed hat for quad riding this fall and winter. I am using the Bartlettyarn that I got from the Cozy Cabin and I am absolutely LOVING it! I love the feel of it and the smell of it. Very natural. I am so pleased also that the yarn is from sheep from America and it is made in Maine and it has a very reasonable pricepoint that makes it extremely affordable. I am so in LOVE with this yarn.

On Thursday night I met Carolyn there and I got some to make a Cabled Hobo bag for myself and some to make a scarf with. Then I picked up some things for my Odd Ball Swap Partner. I am getting her package ready to go out this week. I can't believe how fast this month went by. I also have to get my SP 12 package ready to go out. It's not "THE" biggie, it is just another teaser.

Sorry there aren't any pictures this time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knitting has been slow

I'm not starting out this post with knitting. I hope you don't mind.

This is a picture of the butterfly house that R made for me. We put it into the garden area in the back yard. There are bleeding hearts all around it, as well as impatiens. I love flower gardening and I try so hard each year to improve what it was the year before. I was and still am so thrilled that R took the time to make this house for me and I love it.

Now on to the knitting. This is my wonderful sock. It is made from Opal Cotton and the yarn has been a dream to work with. I just love the colors and the feel is so soft. I have managed to complete one sock and I am at the gusset of the second sock.

Sorry this next one is a bit blurry, but it is for my SP 12 pal. It took two tries at this pattern to get it right, but I finally did it and I think it came out good. I had hoped to have it in the mail on Saturday, but with visiting dad it just didn't happen.

I am in several swaps now and I am so excited. First, I joined the SP12 swap. This one is really cool. I have enjoyed getting to know my downstream. She is a busy mom also, and she updates her blog as she can. I am having so much fun knitting for her and I can't wait until the big reveal. She is just going to LOVE what I've chosen for her.

My SP, my upline as they say, has been very busy traveling for work and I don't hear much from her, but she keeps telling me she's putting together a package. I have to be patient, but it's so hard, when you read the other's blogs and they are being spoiled already.

I also joined the Odd ball swap, Hi Lois! and I have already got her knitted item done and I am going shopping this week. I had hoped to have it out for her birthday, but it's not going to make it, but she said that was fine.

Then, I joined the Dish Cloth Swap. I have those done and I have to get them into the mail this weekend.

Now on to life. How do you keep the stress in your life low? Someone needs to explain this to me. I just can't do it all. Going back to work full time has been nothing but frustration for me. I am not happy with how the house is or isn't being kept. But I am so tired when I get home, getting dinner on the table is about all I can manage. I don't even get to knit most nights, because when I do, I usually screw it up and rip it back the next day.

I have been a worrier most of my life and I try not to be, really I do. But my health is really being affected.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A visit to the COZY CABIN

After work yesterday, and a quick dinner with dh, I took a run over to the "cozy cabin" our new LYS and met Toni the owner. The shop deals with quilting supplies and with yarn. She is offering a few classes beginning in September, that will be taught by Carolyn from our Thursday night knit group. Anyway, the shop is really very cute and the perfect size. She offers lovely choices in Wildfoote, which I have never used before and picked up two skeins to make a pair of socks with. It is in the colorway "mums". Then after much "touching and feeling" I decided on one skein of Bartlett yarn in 3 ply, 145 yards of Md. Sheeps gray. I'll be using this for a pull over cowl, and a skein of Bartlett yarn in 2 ply, 210 yards in Dark Sheeps Gray, for a hat. Both of which are for myself and for winter when we go quad riding. I like the color, as it is not really a gray, but more of a brown. I like it alot.

As a matter of fact, I liked a lot of the colors she offered. There was also some other yarns, but I had to be good and I went with the hat and cowl in mind and perhaps a pair of socks. So I stuck well to my budget and to my list. Though I would have loved to have purchased more! And probably will in the future.

I have also signed up for Carolyn's class that she will offer in October. It is making a gorgeous colorwork christmas stocking. I can't wait.

I heard from my SP12 spoilee, she got the goodies that I sent along. I can't really mention what at the moment, just in case she happens along this blog. Which, hardly anyone reads my blog, so I don't know why I worry or wonder, but I have been looking at everyones blog who has one listed on the website trying to think who could be my SP. My upline as they say. She must travel an awful lot for work. I have not heard from her this week and last week she told me that she had been to Mexico on business so that was why I hadn't heard from her. That must be hard to be away from family.

I find it very interesting reading other peoples blogs. It is so much fun when they are from another country and they talk about their home and the pictures! It's just great. I have always lead such a boring life, I just love being able to see what other peoples lives are like.

I had some "ripping" yesterday. Well, the cabled hobo bag had a noticeable mistake about 5 repeats back, so RIP. And continue on. Then, I had all the decreases done on my toe of sock one, and it would have been just a tad too tight, so RIP. All the way back and put in five more rows and then began the decreases.

I have to work tomorrow, but I promise to get some pictures on here. It's been too long since I've taken any. I want to show the yarn I got.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SP Question #4

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash “complete”?

Let's see, I would have to say some of the garnstudioEskimo or Silke alpaca. I have never tried it and would love to.

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?**

For this one, I would say cascade 220. I love all the different colors. I would also add Elsabeth Lavold Silky wool

Monday, June 30, 2008

I Did really knit in June, didn't I?

I feel like the month has flown by and I haven't knit a thing.

I did one thing for my SP. That went out last week with some goodies in it for her. I hope that she liked it.

I have the one sock in progress, I am on the foot part.

I worked on the June bag, but I am mixed about the results with the yarn I used. I like the pattern well enough though. I love cables.

I am still working on my "Lace Ribbon Scarf" from the Spring 2008 Knitty. It's my second one and I keep going back to it.

I have been wanting to get to the Cozy Cabin. It is a quilt/yarn shop that has opened in a local ladies home, however, weekends are hard for me, and she is only open Thurs and Fri evening and on the weekends. I hope to make it there this week, I want to see some of the yarn and sign up for one of the classes. At least I am thinking about it.

July is nearly here. I am so excited to be having a few days away with my Aunt, that the whole month will fly by, and I fear it will be winter soon.

Isn't it terrible how we wish our lives away?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What would you consider to be the perfect amount of stash?

Yarn stash that is.

I never really thought about this, as I do have a yarn stash, not in my notebook though. I have 4 dresser drawers full, plus two drawers of one night stand, plus two underbed storage containers, plus two smaller shelf containers, plus a LARGE ziplock with my reclaimed yarn and yarn yet to be claimed. Plus there is the "sock" bag, with an additional three skeins, and a J.Knits back with about 8 skeins, plus a shopping bag with some kitchen cotton.

And I still feel the NEED for more!

Terrible as it is. I am on a yarn diet, and I have been VERY good. I have only purchased a few skeins that I needed to make a project or two since February. Otherwise I have been using what I have in my stash, and this is helping to keep me happy, and not broke!

My perfect size stash is whatever I need at the moment to get me through the moment I am in, so I guess, for right now, I have the perfect sized stash.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Question #2 and other updates...

Question 2 for the SP what did I look forward to most on summer break.

Our bungalow at the Jersey shore and reading. We had no tv, no telephone, we didn't even have a shower, you bathed in the kitchen sink. For a kid, that was heaven! Those are the memories that will always be burned into my head and my heart.

This weekend was a waste! I got absolutely no knitting done. I hate weekends like that.

We got TONS of yard work done though, which, I really shouldn't complain about. It needed to be done, damn weeds! I hate to use chemicals on them, and when I was home, I could keep after them, everyday for a few minutes, but now! FORGET IT! I had to put down some Preen after I weeded. I am going to have to put several applications down and then in the fall use something a bit stronger. I can't be spending hours weeding, and weed wacking.

Saturday night, I was so exhausted, I couldn't even enjoy the deck with DH. I ended up falling asleep around 7:30! That is a bit early, man am I getting old.

Since I last wrote, I have finished the cuff of one sock, and I have gotten 9 inches done on the June bag. It is working up a bit small, but I am hoping that it will soften up once I wash it. The cabling is just awesome on it.

Well, I haven't heard from my SP last week, I hope that she is doing well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Socks on the needles.....again!

Well, last night, I decided, it was time.

I went to my sock cabinet and looked for THUJA, a pattern from knitty that I have done before, and LOVE. AND, it wasn't there.... hhhhmmmm....

I have several "bags" for my yarn things, so near the sofa was my sock bag, and inside was my pattern. Thank goodness.

I decided on a pair of Opal cotton socks this time. I wish I knew german, so I could tell you the colorway, it is #1339. Beautiful pink, cream and a light chocolate color.

So far I am liking it alot.

I didn't make a pair of socks last month, and I feel bad about that. I love making socks. Really, I haven't made a pair since the beginning of April, and I don't know if you could REALLY count those as April socks, because I started them in March and finished them inside the first few days of April.

Well, anyway. These will be my June socks and I'll be happy.

I haven't made a cotton pair for myself yet. But I am liking them so far.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Drink?

Well, this is the question for the week for the Secret Pal swap.

I drink coffee. Summer, spring, winter, fall.

It's a terrible habit, and I really need to drink more water. At one time, I had gotten very good about my water versus coffee intake. I have to get better at that.

So I guess I am going to say. My drink for summer is water.

(Even though my coffee in the morning keeps me going!)

I have finished my charity scarf.

I have made one gift, a small one for my Secret Pal. I hope that she will like it.

Every girl should have one, not that most NEED more. But I thought she might like a little something made just for her. I have to figure out though how to wrap it. I am a horrible wrapper. In fact, I HATE to wrap anything.

Yes, I know how to wrap, I just hate, dread doing it. But I want her to feel special so I am going to have to figure this out over the weekend and send it off next week.

Here's a little tip. I used a vintage button on it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

FO and frustrations

Here is a picture of my completed, modified Arnold bag. I didn't have the chunky weight yarn that was called for in the pattern, but I had some Patons classic merino in my stash that I wanted to us up. So here is the completed bag. I love it! It is the perfect size for carring my mindless, work, knitting, and my lunch and snacks in.

Next, we have the mindless, work, knitting. This is a scarf, made of Gleam, that will be sent to a charity group that will in turn send it along to a chemo patient. At work, I can fit in knitting here and there, but I can't bring anything that takes real thought. So I figured this time can be used well to knit for charity.

I don't remember if I showed this one well enough. This is the scarf I made from some of my reclaimed yarn. I love this pattern and how this one came out.

That I immediately cast on this one when I was done with the above one. It is also of reclaimed yarn, of a light weight, lambswool. It is a gray/purple shade with flecks of colors in it. I think the tag in the sweater said "woodland". I like the weight of this one. It will make a nice indoor scarf to help dress up some of my conservative bank outfits.

I feel bad about this next picture. The color is just not what it really is. I will have to take another one when I am done. In the picture, it looks gold, but really it is this wonderful shade of green. It is some of the J. Knits yarn in Montana colorway.

This pattern is "Falling Water Lace Scarf" by Bonnie Sennott. It is a great pattern and I have gotten through the repeat 15 times. I will probably do 25 repeats to make it nice and long. It is a fingerweight yarn.

I found out who my secret pal is and I am so excited to start this new adventure. I do not have a clue what it is all about, but I'll learn.

My spoiler has contacted me today as well. It is so exciting!

Part of my frustration is my work. Last week, I made a mistake, one that perhaps could have been avoided if I weren't new, if I could "hear" better, and if an additional hold had been placed on a check. I can't really say much more, but let's just say, the bank is out several thousand dollars because of a bad check and me paying part of it out. sigh.... The others have told me, they would have done the same, the hold was off of the check, the money was available. They would have given out the cash as well. BUT, they didn't, I was the one who did, and while it's not like I'll lose my job or anything, it is now up to my boss to track the person down, and to try to get the money back OR to go through all the paperwork to take this person to court. I feel and felt horrible.

I know I need to move on about it. Things like this happen. I try to believe that people are good, but you know what? People who are bad, shit on people who are good. And that's just the way things are and I should get used to it, I know.

But, I still feel bad, like it was my fault, like I should have known better.

I am now more careful about everyone, and every check. I check every account, and if I'm not sure, I call one of the others who are more familiar with the families and the customers.

well, that's enough bellyaching.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday update

I don't have any pictures today. I am hoping to get some on here tomorrow.

The week has been another busy one. Getting used to working and now DH has started his new job. It makes life interesting, but it doesn't help me on the knittnig front.

I have found a way to get some plain, garter stitch knitting done at work during the down times, so I will be working on some charity scarves out of stuff in my stash to help me pass the time along.

I am so excited about the SP12 swap. I just can't wait for it to start already!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Day without Knitting! Oh MY!

On Friday, I did not one stitch of knitting!

Working a job, and keeping a house and all that goes with it, then comes the monthly! Well, by the time 7pm rolled around, I was too exhausted to even pick up my needles. I just sat on the couch like a vegetable and fell asleep watching tv by about 8pm! I haven't done that in a few years and I don't like it!!

I determined that yesterday, I was going to do some form of knitting. I have some projects in mind and I have ton's of yarn, I just have to get on the ball, so to speak.

So I got out my swift and and balled up the J.Knits Montana sock yarn, which I am now through two repeats of the "Falling Water Lace Scarf" and I'm loving it. I also balled up the J.Knits Felters Dream Bulky that I have. I am thinking I want to make a bag out of this. At first I was thinking Cowls, because I know they will make a great accessory for work, but I am still searching for the perfect handbag.... And I think these three colors will look great together in a felted handbag. I am thinking "Seashells and Sand" hand bag by Anita Moore. It is a free pattern on . I like the shape, and will probably felt the whole thing.

I love all the free patterns that you can find on the internet. I appreciate all the designers who offer their patterns free. I don't think enough people tell them that.

No pictures today, sorry about that. It's early and I am trying to "squeeze" in some blog time and some knitting before I begin doing more "chores"!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

SP 12 Questionaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? This is really a difficult question to answer. I have not knit with tons of yarn or fibers yet, so I don't really have a true favorite, but I love knitting with J. Knits mernio yarns. Any natural fiber or fiber blend. I like to purchase from Little Knits because they have good sales for trying things.

What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? I knit with all kinds, however, I am allergic to cats and rabbits, so all angora is out for me.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? At the current time, I keep them all in a seal tight lid plastic container, my spare ones, if I am using them, they just travel with me.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? I have not been knitting for very long, perhaps 10 years, however, I really began to learn and enjoy knitting about two years ago. Since then I have learned to knit socks and sweaters and tons of other things!

Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? I would like to think I am an intermediate, however, I believe you can't know everything and that you are always learning.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? I will have to get back to this, I do have one on Amazon, and I would like to make another wish list. I tend to keep them in my head as I "window" shop.

5. What's your favorite scent? I love anything with sandlewood, but also like citrus.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy? Anything with chocolate, caramel and nuts.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? I crochet, though I haven't done much in quite some time. I used to scrapbook, but have given my things to a dear friend. OH, and recently I started to reclaim yarn from thrift store sweaters.

Do you spin? No, and I don't really think I will learn this craft.

8. What kind of music do you like? I like mostly 80's music, but I listen to just about anything rock.

Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD) I don't really know to be honest.

9. What's your favorite color(s)? As far as colors, I love ocean related ones. Blues, greens, purples. I have also been drawn, lately to colors I had never really thought about before, such as tangerine and coral.

Any colors you just can't stand? I would say neon and black.

10. What is your family situation? I am married and we have one son.

Do you have any pets? We have one dog, who is our "four legged" boy. Spoiled nearly as much as our son!

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos? I am currently seeking scarf patterns. I recently started working and need to dress conservatively and thought scarves would be a way to add a little bit to my outfits. I do wear hats in winter, but not for fashion. Mittens are always great, would love some that are also fingerless gloves with the mitten over top. I am a not very tall, so I haven't ventured for a poncho yet. This is the one nice thing that I love about knitting, I can make my clothes to fit me!

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? I love to knit socks. Though, if you look at this blog, you will see I didn't get a pair done in May because of working on other things and because of now having a job, but I would say they are my favorite. Just too many yarn choices. Also, I love to knit felted bags. I feel as if I have been in a search, most of my life, for the perfect handbag. Making my own has helped alot, though I am still searching. I am currently carrying a Squatty Sidekick, that I lined, that is the near perfect size for me, now I just need to modify it a bit. There are tons of patterns in my queue.

13. What are you knitting right now? I am working on "Lace Ribbon Scarf" by Veronik Avery from the Knitty Spring 2008 issue. It is my second one. Though, it's not on my projects page. I recently started "Falling Water Lace Scarf" by Bonnie Sennott. I am using some J. Knits Superwash Me Sock in "Montana". I am really liking the way it is coming out.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts? I love handmade gifts. To me there is no other sign of friendship or love that says it all.

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? I have problems with my hands, wrists and elbows, and I have found straights are a problem, so I tend to use circulars for everything. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic? I have some in each, but have found that I really like the ones fom Knit Picks.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift? My brother made me a simple swift, which has worked wonderfully, but I have no ball winder and have been searching for an inexpensive one.

17. How old is your oldest UFO? I would say two years. There is a scarf I started to learn how to do cables, and it is long enough for me, but it is still on the needles.

18. What is your favorite holiday? I don't really have one

19. Is there anything that you collect? yarn, yes, I could say yarn. I want to try new kinds, things I haven't tried before, so one skein is good. I say one skein because it is a good way to try out a new yarn to know if you are going to like it. With one skein, you can usually make something useful and fun without alot of expense.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? There are several patterns, Central Park Hoodie is one I can think of as far as patterns go. (There are some in my queue on Ravelry and in my favorites). Yarns, I would love to try are different sock yarns: Lisa Sousa for one, CherryTree Hill, Mountain colors. Any sock yarn other than Opal I guess. Though I do love Opal 6 ply. I don't have any solid color sock yarns and now that I am working a conservative job, I can't really wear the loud colors and stripes that I usually knit with. So some subtle handpainteds or some solid colors, but not black. I don't think the eyes could handle it.

What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have? None, I would LOVE interweave knits. I have been buying these as they come out since last fall, so any back issues from 2006 would be nice also.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn? I am slowly trying to learn how to do lace, but lace weight still intimidates me, so I have been trying with dk and fingering weight to learn. I am not sure that I will ever get below a size 2 needle. Even for socks in fingering weight I end up using a 2 because I do tend to knit tightly.

22. Are you a sock knitter? YES!

What are your foot measurements? I wear a size 7 shoe.

23. When is your birthday? December

24. Are you on Ravelry? Yes. If so, what's your ID? Knititall

I guess the only thing I would really add is that I am allergic to cats and rabbits, that nearly any kind of yarn (except maybe novelty, because I have tons of that in my stash already) in a natural fiber I would love to try knitting with. I am easy to please and I am looking forward to being a part of SP12

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What you may ask is SP 12? Well, it just so happens it is a secret pal swap that has been going on for some time now and I've decided that I wanted to give it a try.

I am new to all this swap thing, but it has to do with spoiling someone else. A knitter. What could be so hard about that?! I can't wait to find out more.

I will be posting my questionaire here, but I thought I'd say a few things about me and my knitting now.

I started out learning from my Aunt a few years ago. She is still my best knitting pal and though we don't see each other much, she is the first one I call when I accomplish a new skill.

I taught myself how to knit socks last year, and they have been a favorite of mine, though this month, May, I have worked on so many different things, that I haven't knit a pair! They will be the first thing new on my needles for next month. We all need goals, don't we?

I love most colors. Some, I have been surprised lately, I have been drawn to, that otherwise I would not have considered liking. Though I do tend to go toward purples, blues, and earth tones, I have been liking tangerine, yellow and shades of brown. Who know, surprise me I guess!

I have not knit any lace yet, and I think, for me, that will be a LONG way off. I just don't have the fine motor skills for that yet. But I have been practicing with fingering weight and I am liking that alot.

I have recently fallen in LOVE with J. Knits colorways. They are all so beautiful. I would love any of those in Superwash ME sock.

I tend to go toward natural fibers, wool, bamboo and stay away from novelty and acrylic, except for charity knitting.

I have also learned how to reclaim yarn and I have been using that lately and I really enjoy it.

I do not have a ball winder, ,and would love one, as I have so many hanks of yarn to wind....

I would love a subscription to IK. I have the most current issues for the past year.
That's all for now.

J. Knits ROCKS!

This is a photo instensive post so get ready!

In the mail yesterday, arrived my package of goodies from Julie. To say I was speechless......

Since I was not totally familiar with her line of yarn, I left the choices up to her and told her what I liked to knit and the colors I favored

Here is one package. It came with two great skeins of her sock yarn. It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. For colors she chose "Montana" in the green colorway, and "Reno" in the variegated. (Which I am totally surprised, I think it is a favorite!). Then she sent along a two skeins of Felters Dream Worsted, one in "Kentucky" and the other in "Minneapolis". I can't wait to try those out, they are 85% wool and 15 % Mohair. I don't think I've ever used Mohair before.

PLUS, she also included not one but TWO patterns. One is designed by herself, which is the "mom's Sock". They are dedicated to her mother. Then the other pattern is a Mother - Daughter pattern, called "Teagan's Socks" by Gail Gelin, one of her designers.

And as if THAT goody bag wasn't enough!

There was more! In the second bag, were three skeins of Simply Luxurious. It is a 60% Superwash Mernio, 15% Bamboo, 15% Nylon AND 10 % SILK. I have never used anything with SILK in it. These three lovelys I am hoping to transform into a Clapotis. It will be a challenge for me. But, Julie knew it was something I wanted to try.

Then, also included in this goody bag were three skeins of Felters Dream Bulky. In Louisiana, New Jersey and Mississippi. I can't wait to try them out either.

And not to forget the little bag of goodies, which I didn't get a picture of, it had candies, lotion, gum and "knitting girl" mints! I have never seen those and they are so cute!

And here I am, holding all the yarnie goodness! It is not something you will see often, as I don't usually post personal pictures on here, but I thought this was a very special and fitting occasion. I felt like I had hit the jackpot and I am going to have SO MUCH fun working on projects. It will keep me busy for some time to come.

Thank you Julie.

And here are just a few more close up shots of the yarn colorways to give you a better idea of how truly lovely they are.