Monday, October 27, 2008

Working hard

I haven't blogged because I am working hard on knitting projects and I just spent 45 minutes getting the basics entered into Ravelry, without pictures, to atleast have a track of what it is I've been working on.

I finished my Polar bear stranded stocking, plus I completed another one (except for the heel) for DH. I have completed a Moose Stocking (Except for the heel) and have started the second one.

I have completed one plain rib sock for myself and started the next, doing it with magic loop and loving it.

Plus, I completed one Campfire sock - which is what I started in the hotel at Rhinebeck - and have started the second sock for that pair as well, doing the magic loop.

I started on Kelly's Penguins Scarf. Making it with superwash Lambs Pride. Never used it before and I am liking it very much.

Went to Cozy Cabin yesterday for a sit and knit. Had a very nice time. Wore my nubby, WITH the buttons, that I put on the day before, but I am still not liking the closing of the sweater. This one was a true learning experince. I have decided that I DON'T want to take out the button band and try again! So I will find snaps and put them in the two places where it is gapping. And Barb! I'm sorry, still no picture of me wearing it. I am so bad about getting pictures taken of myself for things. Keep watching though, I promise one soon!!

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Midnight Crafter said...

I'm still watching. I would like to see the moose stocking also. Sounds like you are busy!!!