Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have been knitting you know!

HERE IS THE SWEATER! It is the third in a series of Three sweaters that I commited to knit for Warm Woolies. It has taken me the longest amount of time and effort. I don't know that I'll EVER do another STRIPPED sweater again! Please remind me if I ever mention the want to do one. It is really cute though and I can't wait for all my Cozy Cabin friends to see it.

I decided NOT to join the KAL for the Companion Bag, because I wanted to finish the sweater and then I had to wait for the yellow to arrive, so I got "The daybag" pattern and started that, but now I feel I will need more of the purple, so this one is on hold until Cozy Cabin opens again in August.

Here is the Lobster Basket Bag that I am making for Baby J. It just needs the bottom sewn up and to be felted. He hasn't arrived yet, so there is no hurry. I was planning this one more for Christmas anyway as I hope to make some toys to stuff it with.

Here is the ballband bag that I did. It needs to be felted also. I loved doing the pattern and will probably make another one.

This is a pair of socks I will be sending along to WW. They are made of the Lionbrand Fishermans wool that I had left over from the mystery sweater I did for them.

I am still working on my June Personal Sock Club socks. They got set to the side last month. They are the "kindness" pattern and it took some attention to it, which I didn't have much of in June, so that's why they didn't get done.

Also on the needles are a pair of WW socks for the 10 for 10 challenge, this is pair number 4. I should have the second one done tomorrow.

I have been browsing Ravelry again for ideas and patterns. I have been very good with my yarn diet, but it has been EXTREMELY difficult to NOT buy any new yarn.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry, life happens!

Hi there

sorry for the absence. I can hardly believe nearly three months of my life has gone by and I didn't blog anything.

But, then again, I didn't knit very much either.

Life is becoming more back on track so I can feel good and safe again, so I have begun to knit more again.

I will post some pictures of the things I have completed over the months, once I figure out exactly what they are.

My current projects are June PSC socks out of Knitpicks yarn, "DayBag" out of Nature Spun and Cascade, a pair of Warm Woolies socks with yarn donated by Cascade to the Cozy Cabin, and MY NEVERENDING warm woolies top down ragaln with stripes that has been taking me FOREVER to finish! Thanks to Toni at Cozy Cabin, the yellow has been found and is on it's way to me, so now I am SURE to finish!!!!

I promise to not be gone so long.

OH, and a friend at work talked me into a facebook account, so if you know me, friend me!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Sometimes I still don't think I have this blogger thing figured out. But, atleast I am doing it, right?

Here is a picture of the bibs and some of the matching clothes that I made for Baby J for the shower. I finally found buttons and sewed them on this week with button thread as it is real sturdy.

I also managed to sew on two of the patches I got to put on these burp cloths. Someone else on Ravelry had done it with theirs, and I just thought it was so adorable.

Here are my extra February socks. They look finished, don't they? Well, I am currently redoing the toe on sock two. I thought it felt kind of funny, and then, upon further inspection that sock was SMALLER than the other. I have to learn to write things down, instead of trying to remember.

Here are my Personal Sock Club socks for March. They are out of Knit Picks essentials Tweeds in Shiraz. They came out nice.

These are my February Personal Sock Club socks. I finally got a picture of them. I like them alot, they are made out of KnitPicks Palette, however, they have felted alot just from wear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boy, it's been a while!

I have been very busy, I just haven't had the time to post. Plus the batteries were dead in my camera. I can hardly believe it's been this long.

First, these are the socks that my awesome swap partner, Gladcat, did for me. They are made of Rowan Denim and they fit me perfectly.

Also included in her package to me was a homemade card. Cadbury hot chocholate AND eggs! Some Araucania Copihue, which she had made herself a cowl with, and then sent me the rest AND the pattern, so I could make one for myself.

Some great buttons and stitch markers. A coaster from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. AND some Mohair yarn in great colors that I love, I just don't know what I will make with it yet, as I've never used Mohair before.

Well, we officially know that Baby J is going to be a boy, so here is the first, official BOY thing I've knit for him. A hat out of Cottontots. It is New born size, but seems large, so it should fit for quite a while.

Lots of sock knitting going on. I did complete my February socks for the Personal sock club, no pictures though, yet. I made them out of Knitpicks Palette in Brindle Heather. I have been wearing them, and enjoying them.

Below is a picture of the extra February socks that I am making. I'm still working on these, but I have one sock finished and I am on to the foot.

Here are my Personal Sock Club socks. They are in Knit Picks essential Tweed, in Shiraz. I am almost done with these. I will most likely finish them today.

As I said, Baby J is a boy, and will be using Cloth diapers, at least part of the time. So I found a nice pattern for Soakers. So, as you can see I have made three pairs. I plan to pair them with a top so if they aren't used as soakers, they can still be worn as an outfit.

Warm Woolies. A continual passion. Here are two pairs of socks for the 10 for 10 challenge. Cascade, the yarn company, has donated yarn to Cozy Cabin and our group is using it to make items for the 10 for 10 challenge.

This is the Warm Woolies Mystery Sweater. Lots of firsts in this for me. One of our group members made this pattern for all of us to make a larger size sweater, also for the 10 for 10 challenge. I used Lionbrand Fisherman wool, which knit up into a nice fabric, however, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in it, because I didn't realize til after I had purchased it, that it is made in China now, not the USA.

The firsts in this sweater for me are, bottom up, three needle bind off, and picking up stitches to do the sleeves. I really enjoyed the pattern and the constrution of this sweater and I know some child will be warm next winter while wearing it.

Below, is a picture of the top down ragaln sleeve sweater, also for WARM WOOLIES. It is made from Patons Classic wool. (Which by the way is not merino anymore, but still a nice yarn to use)

I have signed up for a TOP DOWN sock class at Cozy Cabin during the month of April, which I purchased some Trekking 6 ply to use for these socks. I can't wait. It is something I've been wanting to learn for some time now.
My father gifted to me the purchase of TWO awesome books! One of which I got yesterday in the mail. "Fishermen's Sweaters" by Alice Starmore! I can't wait. I have been drooling over this one trying to figure out which sweater to make. And what yarn to use for it. Watching Carolyn make her sweater from this book has been so fascinating that I just have to try one for myself.

I hope not to be away for so long next time. That's all for now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weeks 6 & 7

I know, I know. I didn't post last week. I was lazy in that area, but not with my knitting!

First, week 6 I completed a bunny blanket buddy for Baby J in some of the left over yellow of the cottontots. I had a light bulb experience with that one. You knit the head, then stuff it, but while knitting, the head looks flat and has no dimension to it. I kept looking at it thinking, "how I am supposed to stuff this?" Well, thanks to a few fellow ravelers for the help, I was "double knitting" the head, which, I didn't know and the pattern doesn't TELL you that. So, now I just need to get some fiber fill, embroider on a face and WALA! (The pattern is free on the Lionbrand website)

Along with the bunny blanket, I did a Genius Burp Cloth from the Mason Dixon book. Thank you Carolyn! It is really cute. I only did it 30 stitches wide instead of the 50 stitches. It is as wide as the other bibs and the other burp clothes, though it does take more yarnage to complete.

For week 7 I did my Personal Sock club socks. They are done in the Knit Picks Palette, Brindle Heather colorway. It's the first time I've used this yarn, and let me tell you for $2.19 a skein, the fabric it made is very nice, and soft, though while knitting it can be a bit "splitty" I enjoyed working with it. Completed the socks in four days and wore them the fifth day!

My Warm Woolies sweater is coming along. I have the body done and I am working on the first sleeve. I am going to Cozy Cabin today. Toni has decided to support Warm Woolies as a shop and has got a challenge for us as a group to knit for WW and she will be giving out the particulars of knitting and the "prize" we will get at the end.

I've also decided that I am going to rip out the handbag I started. I love the colorway too much to felt it into a handbag!! So I am still looking for one to make. sigh....

I spent the afternoon with Carolyn on Wednesday. She was so nice to have me over to her house and we shared some of our books and some yarn and talked. It was just wonderful. Then, she made some awesome clam chowder for dinner and I just have to get the recipe from her. It was wonderful and I think m would have loved it. I have tried, unsuccessfully, in the past to make Manhattan clam chowder for him, but have failed. So I think this one will be the keeper.

I'm sorry there won't be any pictures this week again. I really have to do that and get some new pictures up. Just haven't had the time. And, I've just been too lazy about it.

Until Next Time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Week 5

Busy week and I'm a day late with my update.

I finished the Blankie for Baby J. It came out cute and soft. It will make a nice carseat/stroller/crib blanket. I have TONS of the yarn left though so I have to figure out another project to get it used up.

I also completed two more bibs, one wash cloth and a burp cloth.

I took all afternoon Saturday (almost) trying to find a pattern for a hand bag. The squatty that I am carrying has been with me since May 08 I thought it was time for a new one. I have finally chosen (after a false start) a bag by Moda Dea called simply "felted knit bag". I am using Bartlettyarn in Dark Lovat. Looks like a nice demin blue color. It's been a few months since I've used any Bartlett and I still love the smell of it!

I chose my Personal Sock club package. I will be using Knit Picks again, only in Palette, Brindle Heather is the color. A new yarn again this month, but I have to choose the pattern. I will try to do that this evening to get to work on it in the morning.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 4

Finished objects for week four.

First, the pair of green socks in the photo below are last weeks Warm Woolies Socks. They were done in green patons classic merino. Done with 36 stitches, 10 rows of 1x1 ribbing and 15 rows of stockinette, 18 rows of heel flap stitches, 11 gusset stitches each side, back to 18 stitches for bottom, then 20 foot rows before decreases. I think this makes a nice sock and started the second pair, which I finished this week.

I sent off my other package of socks to Warm Woolies this week. I will probably make two or three more pairs before I send these off.

Here is my first waffle rib scarf for the Seaman. Sorry the picture is so dark. It is a lovely color burgundy, doesn't do it justice, the picture. I finished this at the beginning of this week. (I think)

Here are the beginnings of the baby gifts for Baby J. I have decided on Bibs and cloths to match as well as burp clothes. Finished these two, plus another two this week. Michaels had a great sale, $1.00 a skein, so I stocked up and will make as many as I can.
Also in the works is this Blankie of Baby J. It is made of Bernat Cottontots. The yarn is very soft. I am using size 13 needles and double stranding. It doesn't show it very well in the picture, but the colors are Sunshine, Lemon Berry, Sweet Green and Pastel Dreams in ombre.

I do not know the sex of the baby, or what colors they've chosen yet, but I know J's favorite color is yellow and yellow and green are good baby colors.
I have worked a little on the top down ragalan for Warm Woolies. I took that with me to knit night this week. We had a lot of people there this week and it was so nice seeing everyone again. I really have missed going.
It's been a long hard week and the winter is not doing much good with my depression, this week has been bad and I imagine it is going to get worse again before it gets better. I keep trying, but I am just not snapping out of it all.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 3

Here are my completed Hedgerow socks! I am so pleased with how they turned out. Done on magic loop, size 1, with Knit Picks Essentials Kettle Dyed in Wine. I can't wait to wear them.

I finished the socks in 14 days so now I have the rest of the month to work on a Sweater for the Warm Woolies 10 for 10. (I think that's what it's called). Anyway, after a great deal of searching my Leisure Arts Pattern book for the Top down ragalan, I found it! and I began early on the KAL. There are some of us over at Warm Woolies on Ravelry who are doing sweaters for the challenge.

And here is a SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!
I finally got to go to see my knitting friends. It's been so cold and the weather has been too dreadful most Thursday nights for me to venture out. Anyway, Cozy Cabin had a cabin fever event yesterday (and today, I believe), prizes, sale, food.... and sit and knit.
Anyway, I got to see my friend Carolyn and she had a birthday gift for me.
Look at it!!!

A skein of the Socks that Rock yarn! I have only seen it and touched it at Rhinebeck. (didn't buy it because the line was HUGE to say the least) Anyway, I don't know where she got it from, but it is called "rare gems" and it is just marvelous. I truly think that other knitters are the only ones who "get it" when it comes to giving a skein of yarn to a fellow knitter as a gift.
I would love to make a pair of socks, but I just can't see hiding something so pretty on my feet! So I think I have decided on a scarf pattern. This way I can enjoy it and show it off to others while I wear it, then, maybe if there is some left over, maybe I can squeeze a pair of shorties out of it too. We will see!

Thank you Carolyn.
Now, I know I've mentioned I am in a Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry. Well, I ENHANCED my stash yesterday! I had christmas money that I was saving just for this event and I was able to get - MORE SOCK YARN!! Like I need more!? But I did. A skein of Opal in Blues and a skein of Trekking XXL in Neopalitan colors, and some others, but I can't mention everything because I am in the Oddball stashbusters swap and I don't know if my downline will read my blog at all and I don't want to spoil her surprise.
I was also bad and I did order from Knit picks the beginning of the month. That order came in and soon I hope to be showing you some Selbuvotter knitted mittens.
OH! I almost forgot, but I don't have a picture. For my 52 in 52 this week, I did finish a pair of single strand worsted weight socks for Warm Woolies.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 2

Week 2 - the post is a day early! How about that?
Here is a picture of lasts weeks socks for m. They both fit. Which I am pleased about. He has a size 13 foot.
I did find out from Warm Woolies though that for the larger size socks for kids they can be just single stranded, so my wrists and hands are SO HAPPY! These really were tough on them.

Here are my Peekaboo mittens for week 2 of the 52 in 52. They are made with Cascade 220 in a lovely blue colorway. (They were part of my snowman from the Magic Ball Swap. Thank you Toni!!)
Here is an update on my January Personal Sock club socks. This is the wine colorway in the Knitpicks Kettle Dyed Essential. I like the yarn just fine so far. It gives a nice stitch pattern, though the picture is showing rather pink, they are more of a burgundy.

I was able to start the second sock on Friday and I hope to be done with that one by next Friday and then I will have one sock club completed!!
I am still trying to decide on my 52 in 52 project for this coming week. I plan to cast on tomorrow. We are currently having a snow storm, so tomorrow will be a pajama day!! and lots of knitting will be going on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 1

Well, I have decided that weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday. Novel thought, huh? I decided this for my 52 in 52 projects. I have also decided that and item/project is an item/project and that the personal sock club socks don't count towards this goal.

Last week I started and finished the socks that completes a pair for m. This is his first pair of socks, I did double strand worsted in Patons Classic wool.

This week I started "peekaboo" mittens for me for work. I have one mitten complete already. They are made of Cascade 220 with 5 DPN.

I have also cast on another sock for Warm Woolies.

My Personal Sock club socks are coming along nicely. I am past the gusset decreases and I am doing just plain stockinette for the foot. I love the pattern for this sock and that it travels down the heel. A technique I have never done before. I guess I have to get some nice clogs to wear?

Thursday, January 1, 2009


These are the first installment that will go to Warm Woolies this week. I used up some of the yarn from hats that I made for the holidays. Two strands held together is a bit tough on my wrists so I have to slow down a bit. I did these four pairs in about 5 days. They are a "quick fix" project.

Here is the sock I have made Warm Woolies style that will fit m. I had him try it on while I knit it to make sure that it fit well enough.

Here is the box that holds my Personal sock club bags and my other project bags. I waited until about 7:30 this morning and chose a bag.

My Personal Sock Club will be "Hedgerow" in Knit Picks Essential Kettled dyed in Wine. The color is very subtle, not quite what I was expecting. But I like it.