Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 1

Well, I have decided that weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday. Novel thought, huh? I decided this for my 52 in 52 projects. I have also decided that and item/project is an item/project and that the personal sock club socks don't count towards this goal.

Last week I started and finished the socks that completes a pair for m. This is his first pair of socks, I did double strand worsted in Patons Classic wool.

This week I started "peekaboo" mittens for me for work. I have one mitten complete already. They are made of Cascade 220 with 5 DPN.

I have also cast on another sock for Warm Woolies.

My Personal Sock club socks are coming along nicely. I am past the gusset decreases and I am doing just plain stockinette for the foot. I love the pattern for this sock and that it travels down the heel. A technique I have never done before. I guess I have to get some nice clogs to wear?

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Felicia said...

That's a busy knitting week! Can't wait to see (or pictures of) the socks from your "sock club." Great idea - for more things than just socks too!