Thursday, January 1, 2009


These are the first installment that will go to Warm Woolies this week. I used up some of the yarn from hats that I made for the holidays. Two strands held together is a bit tough on my wrists so I have to slow down a bit. I did these four pairs in about 5 days. They are a "quick fix" project.

Here is the sock I have made Warm Woolies style that will fit m. I had him try it on while I knit it to make sure that it fit well enough.

Here is the box that holds my Personal sock club bags and my other project bags. I waited until about 7:30 this morning and chose a bag.

My Personal Sock Club will be "Hedgerow" in Knit Picks Essential Kettled dyed in Wine. The color is very subtle, not quite what I was expecting. But I like it.

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