Monday, October 27, 2008

Working hard

I haven't blogged because I am working hard on knitting projects and I just spent 45 minutes getting the basics entered into Ravelry, without pictures, to atleast have a track of what it is I've been working on.

I finished my Polar bear stranded stocking, plus I completed another one (except for the heel) for DH. I have completed a Moose Stocking (Except for the heel) and have started the second one.

I have completed one plain rib sock for myself and started the next, doing it with magic loop and loving it.

Plus, I completed one Campfire sock - which is what I started in the hotel at Rhinebeck - and have started the second sock for that pair as well, doing the magic loop.

I started on Kelly's Penguins Scarf. Making it with superwash Lambs Pride. Never used it before and I am liking it very much.

Went to Cozy Cabin yesterday for a sit and knit. Had a very nice time. Wore my nubby, WITH the buttons, that I put on the day before, but I am still not liking the closing of the sweater. This one was a true learning experince. I have decided that I DON'T want to take out the button band and try again! So I will find snaps and put them in the two places where it is gapping. And Barb! I'm sorry, still no picture of me wearing it. I am so bad about getting pictures taken of myself for things. Keep watching though, I promise one soon!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just don't know where to start.

First, I have been so busy working on knitting that I haven't been blogging, and I haven't been visiting anyone's blog and I haven't been spending much time on Ravelry either.

SECOND, Rhinebeck was this weekend and it was just awesome! Carolyn, her mother and I left Friday night after work. Carolyn drove, thank you so much Carolyn!!! And we arrived at our hotel without any problems with traffic or directions.

We all talked and shared knitting stuff for a while before going to bed. After rising early and having a great breakfast, we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Poughipsee, NY, which was very nice.

We got to the fair grounds about 8:50 with no lines for parking or entering and began our adventure. (I will not post pictures today ~ oh, and Barb I promise to have a picture of my nubby cardigan!)

We went through every barn, every stall, looked, touched, smelled, admired everything. The people watching was fun too. All the gorgeous things that people were wearing! Just wonderful.

Then, we ate lunch and began to walk around the "lettered" buildings and while in a stall getting ready to purchase some Lorna's laces and some Austermann step (like I need MORE sock yarn), I looked up and there was JEANINE!! My secret pal! We had hoped to meet, but both of us have been so busy working on projects we never finalized a place a time. I saw her right away and knew it was her, she is such a beautiful woman. Anyway, I said "Jeanine?" and she looked at me, and I said "catherine" then we both squeeled and hugged each other! It was so awesome! And I have to hang my head though, she finished her vest and I failed to comment on how lovely it is. Please take a visit over at her blog and leave her a comment on how lovely her vest is. She looked so great in it! It was such a treat to actually meet her.

When we finally decided to leave, the three of us had felt we saw it all, we bought what we liked and wanted and we were ready to go home.

I had such a nice time, it was a lovely, fall day, cool but not cold. OH! And I wore my Nubby Cardigan, even though I didn't have buttons for it, I pinned it closed and even like that, I got several lovely comments from people.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Steam Blocking!

Who would have thought?

The nubby cardigan, and my unhappiness with the way the top of the sleeve was fitting, had me put it on the side to think about it for a while. Very sad. I have worked so hard on it. I could hardly bare to pick it up.

Then, last night at my knitting class, Carolyn, showed us how to steam block our stockings to help even out the stitches. I have never done steam blocking and I hadn't blocked my sweater yet, so I ask Carolyn about my sweater and she said if I worked at it gently, the stitches should relax some and it may work without having to take the sleeves apart and put in a gusset.

So, I came home and out came the iron!

IT WORKED! It was nearly 9:30, but I called Carolyn anyway to tell her that the sweater now fit the way I had hoped and that I was so happy!! Thank you again Carolyn!!