Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catching up to do!! Picture intense post!

I got a package in the mail from my SP 12 pal! How cool is this? I was looking at this DB magazine when it first came out (Linda at sit and knit was going to look for one and brought me one to look at too!) Anyway, I decided against buying it then, but never mentioned it to my pal. She thought I would like it.

Plus she sent along three skeins of Rowan handknit DK cotton. I have never knit with any Rowan before and this has to be the softest cotton I have felt to date. I also love the color. I have been into greens and blues and teals and even rusts and oranges. I don't know where my color palette is going, but I'm liking color lately.

Anyway, I have had the most awesome "angel" pal. You see, my original upstream, fell off the face of the earth. It really hurts when that happens and you don't know why. I can only say, that I feel bad and hope they are okay.

But, it all turned out.

AND, even though I am not sure yet if Jeanine received my reveal package (I am her upstream) Jeanine is my "angel" pal! How cool is that? I don't know if they did it on purpose or not, but it worked out great and we are hoping to meet at Rhinebeck!

Jeanine, I enjoyed getting to know you and having you for my first SP pal. I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent you. It was great fun.

Now, here is my stranded stocking! Tonight is the last class, and I've been bad! I got the heel done but I haven't kirchnered it yet. (I don't think I spelled that right) Anyway, class has been an absolute BLAST and I have enjoyed every week and will miss going. I learned how to do an "afterthought" heel, and while I don't think I would ever do that for a sock, I will definitely do it for more of these stranded stockings. I also learned how the knit with two hands and two colors. OH! And I learned how to "pick" too. I am a thrower. Carolyn has done a great job as a teacher, always willing to jump right in with each one of us, no matter where we are at in our knitting and help us get over the "hump".

I am now planning on doing a few more stockings as christmas gifts.

Here is the dish cloth (the yellow one) I received from my friend Barb (Hi Barb!) I loved the pattern so much that I want to make more myself. BOY! Am I a tight knitter or what? I started out with a #5, got that far and decided it was too small, so went up to a size #7 and believe it or not, it came out smaller! So I ripped it back and I am going to try again!

Here is just the beginning of a completed project. I had bought this "honking" skein of kitchen cotton when it was on clearance, with the idea of market bags as gifts. like the one I eventually ended up with. Forgot to photograph it though. Anyway, I will probably make more, but do a different pattern.

Okay, I didn't tell you anything about the Fiber Festival Carolyn and I went to. This is just a small amount I am showing you. This is the sock yarn that I purchased from an Indie dyer. She names her yarns after movies! isn't that neat!? I fell in love with several, just for the names they were named after! Silly, I know.

We had an awesome time at the festival. It wasn't too large or overwhelming for me. Carolyn did the driving, and it was a rainy day, but we got there and I think we both enjoyed it very much. It was so nice to see the different animals and to pick up some new fibers to use. (I promise to post more of that on another day)

Alpaca! I am a touchy feely type of person. Alpaca! I could have stood there, eye's closed, arms out, and feeling Alpaca yarn ALL DAY! I bought enough of it to keep my happy for a while! OH! And Alpaca roving!! While I haven't bought any, if you ever, EVER have the chance to feel it! FEEL IT! It's like what you would imagine a cloud to feel like.

I still have not dealt with my nubby cardigan. I just haven't had the time. I talked with Carolyn about the slight tightness in the upper arms and I am going to gently block it first and then see if it loosens just a bit. If not, I am going to knit two gussets to put in just under the arm. I think it was the stitch pattern that makes it feel "tight". But, I think I will have time this weekend and hope to get to that project then.

I have not done much at all on my socks for september. Sad, but true. I did get them onto my new knitpicks needles and I am doing them magic loop. Which is fun so far.

Well, that is my update for this week and for the end of September.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting is done!

Well, the knitting on my Nubby is done! I have LOTS, and LOTS of ends to weave in. I also have buttons to buy. I am going to put a loop up a bit to be able to button the top of the sweater. I still have to block it, and I am hoping that it will "soften" up some when I do that. I am planning to wear it to RHINEBECK!!

Carolyn and I have made our reservations and we are making plans for that weekend! I can't wait. I am so grateful that Carolyn will drive. I know I could never have done it alone, let alone done it by myself. I would just be too wiped out. We were very lucky to get a room. I think this also prepares us for next year! BOOK earlier!

I have more things to tell, but I'm too tired.

The END is near!

No posts from me, as I have been using EVERY SPARE moment to get this collar on my nubby cardigan done! I am near the end and I can't be happier! About three more rows and I can bind off!! Yeah!!!!

I have had so much going on that I have neglected my blog, my SP, and my writing of anyone.

I promise, more to follow before the weekend and hopefully pictures of my finished cardigan!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Secret Pal is Happy!

I got an awesome package in the mail. Quite a surprise. It is from my "angel" secret pal "happy" (That's what I call her anyway). You see, in the world of secret pal, you have someone who is your "upline" who spoils you. And you have someone who is your "downline" whom you spoil. Anyway, my upline, for some unknown to me reason, dropped off the face of the earth with just a post card and a few emails. Quite disappointing, considering that I had waited to join and was so hopeful after reading other peoples blogs.

ANYWAY, my angel Happy emails me alot and we are getting to know each other, which is just great.

She sent me this package that I received in the mail today. It is sockpixie yarn and it is Bambino, which is part bamboo and part supermerino in the colorway "LeCollier" Apparenly, sockpixie only makes so many colorways, names them, and once they are gone that's it! How cool is that? I have never heard of it before and I just think it's great that my angel thought to send me such great sock yarn in such a great colorway! I just love it and now I need to figure out what it will become.

Thank you Happy for making my day with such an awesome package!!

I am in the final stretch with my Nubby cardigan! YEAH! I have both sleeves done, finished the second one this morning and I seamed together the pieces today. I can't believe that all the modifications I made WORKED! And the seams look AWESOME! Now I am working on the button band and then the other side band and then on to the collar. So I figure MAYBE another two weeks and this one will be done! I can't wait. I have loved working on this project so much.

I also can't wait. I ordered some more knitpicks needles, circulars and I am going to go Magic Loop for socks now. I have a pair I cast on, on the 1st, on to the dreaded double pointed needles and I haven't picked them up since.!~

Well, gotta run! Thanks again Happy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have managed to finish one sleeve and have begun the next one. I can't wait to see this all put together as I have not done a "piece" sweater like this before. The sleeves have "caps" on them and I hope this all works out. If worse comes to worse, I know they will be under the wonderful, large collar and any thing wonky won't show.

I am still in love this yarn and keep dreaming about things to make with it.

I was given a demonstration on how to do magic loop and I have taken the plunge and ordered a set of longer cable needles from Knitpicks. I had started a pair of socks on Sept 1 to keep going with my one pair of socks a month, but I only have dpn in a size 1, and I have decided "NO MORE DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES!" I just feel like I am using two left feet to knit with them.

Then, I am starting the stocking class up at Cozy Cabin tonight and my brain fog is not helping. I can't find my size 6 needles, so since I knit tight anyway, I am bringing along my size 9 and 7 needles to use instead.

Yesterday, at work, was just a horrible day and I am hoping there is no repeat today. Somedays I truly think my brain has left me and I end up looking like a total ass. I don't know how long I can make such mistakes and still have a job.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, it's a new month. I have to begin a new pair of socks and I'd like to try them on a size one needle, only I don't have any circulars in that size, so I will have to use DPN by default. I didn't have a chance to pick a pair up. I am going to use the wildfoote yarn I bought and see how I like it.

I am feverishly working on my nubby cardigan. A little behind where I'd like to be, but I have already done the armhole shaping on the right arm and only have about 22 more rows to complete it and begin a sleeve. I think this may be why I like top down sweaters so much. You don't have all these pieves to be worrying about. But, I am loving the sweater and I am planning to have it done for Rhinebeck to wear there. I still have to look for buttons.

I need to start another project, I am not sure what yet though. I bought some LOVELY bartletyarn in the colorway Medium Green Heather, from Cozy Cabin this week. What a GORGEOUS color green. I don't know why I am liking greens so much lately, but this color is to die for. Perhaps I'll have to buy more and make Lady February out of it...... Otherwise, I was thinking of making another clapotis out of this. Love the pattern. Love the yarn.

Well, today is a holiday and I've dubbed it "pajama day" so I will stay in them as long as I want to today and knit as long as I feel like it!