Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting is done!

Well, the knitting on my Nubby is done! I have LOTS, and LOTS of ends to weave in. I also have buttons to buy. I am going to put a loop up a bit to be able to button the top of the sweater. I still have to block it, and I am hoping that it will "soften" up some when I do that. I am planning to wear it to RHINEBECK!!

Carolyn and I have made our reservations and we are making plans for that weekend! I can't wait. I am so grateful that Carolyn will drive. I know I could never have done it alone, let alone done it by myself. I would just be too wiped out. We were very lucky to get a room. I think this also prepares us for next year! BOOK earlier!

I have more things to tell, but I'm too tired.

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