Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Secret Pal is Happy!

I got an awesome package in the mail. Quite a surprise. It is from my "angel" secret pal "happy" (That's what I call her anyway). You see, in the world of secret pal, you have someone who is your "upline" who spoils you. And you have someone who is your "downline" whom you spoil. Anyway, my upline, for some unknown to me reason, dropped off the face of the earth with just a post card and a few emails. Quite disappointing, considering that I had waited to join and was so hopeful after reading other peoples blogs.

ANYWAY, my angel Happy emails me alot and we are getting to know each other, which is just great.

She sent me this package that I received in the mail today. It is sockpixie yarn and it is Bambino, which is part bamboo and part supermerino in the colorway "LeCollier" Apparenly, sockpixie only makes so many colorways, names them, and once they are gone that's it! How cool is that? I have never heard of it before and I just think it's great that my angel thought to send me such great sock yarn in such a great colorway! I just love it and now I need to figure out what it will become.

Thank you Happy for making my day with such an awesome package!!

I am in the final stretch with my Nubby cardigan! YEAH! I have both sleeves done, finished the second one this morning and I seamed together the pieces today. I can't believe that all the modifications I made WORKED! And the seams look AWESOME! Now I am working on the button band and then the other side band and then on to the collar. So I figure MAYBE another two weeks and this one will be done! I can't wait. I have loved working on this project so much.

I also can't wait. I ordered some more knitpicks needles, circulars and I am going to go Magic Loop for socks now. I have a pair I cast on, on the 1st, on to the dreaded double pointed needles and I haven't picked them up since.!~

Well, gotta run! Thanks again Happy!

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