Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Steam Blocking!

Who would have thought?

The nubby cardigan, and my unhappiness with the way the top of the sleeve was fitting, had me put it on the side to think about it for a while. Very sad. I have worked so hard on it. I could hardly bare to pick it up.

Then, last night at my knitting class, Carolyn, showed us how to steam block our stockings to help even out the stitches. I have never done steam blocking and I hadn't blocked my sweater yet, so I ask Carolyn about my sweater and she said if I worked at it gently, the stitches should relax some and it may work without having to take the sleeves apart and put in a gusset.

So, I came home and out came the iron!

IT WORKED! It was nearly 9:30, but I called Carolyn anyway to tell her that the sweater now fit the way I had hoped and that I was so happy!! Thank you again Carolyn!!

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Midnight Crafter said...

So we are still waiting for a picture of the sweater :)