Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year

It is December 31st and I have put alot of thought into the new year coming.

I never make actual resolutions, -- to exercise more, to eat better, to join a gym.... -- Those things don't happen in my life, I learned that YEARS ago!

So, this year I have decided that each month I will knit something for charity. And I have chosen Warm Woolies and Seaman's Institute. As I mentioned earlier. WW is having a "10 for 10 by 2010" contest. They don't get many donations for the older kids, one's who will "graduate" out of being in an adoption center. They come of age. So they are asking for 7 pairs of socks for a size 11 or larger foot and three large-ish sweaters. The details will follow after the first of the year. I am so fortunate and lucky to have a wonderful son that I have decided to do boy's things. I can't wait until they post the sock pattern. I've been trying to do one on my own, they have you use double worsted or bulky. Apparently alot of these kids don't have shoes, they wear sandles, so the socks need to be extra thick and warm. Well, I am on my fifth pair of trying. I keep having M try them on and when they don't fit, I just complete them as they are and I'll send them along anyway. Warm Woolies wants mostly to all wool.

Now Seamans they want easy wash, so they will accept acrylic or blends with acrylic or nylon. I will make some hats and scarves and probably some socks.

I also joined Stash Knit Down 2009, on Ravelry. I joined the "Personal Sock club" , where you bag up your own sock yarn and pattern and then put them in a box and pick randomly each month and act as if you got it from one of the sock clubs. I have more than enough yarn for that.

Plus I joined their 52 in 52. You make one item a week for the year. I think I can manage that with the charity knitting as well as the socks.

Plus, I did pick out some mitten and hat patterns and put the yarns and patterns together in ziplocks to do also.

SO those are my "resolutions" for the coming year.

Christmas was quiet. Dad and Dingo came and stayed a few days. I wasn't very good company though. Actual, I was rather cranky the whole while. Just haven't been myself lately, for many reasons and it is showing. The weather isn't helping much either.

I promise to be better about my blog also, to post atleast once a week (can't I do it?) Should I make a 52 in 52 for blog entries? I could manage one a week perhaps when I finish an item? Maybe that's what I'll do.

I don't even get time to read the blogs of others like I used to. I miss that. I miss alot of things.

Well, here's to the new year!

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