Monday, December 15, 2008


I know, lame. I haven't updated in a while, but I have been busy and sick.

So this is a quick one.

I'm not going to get the french market bag finished in time.

I have gotten hats done for nearly everyone.

Toni was nice enough to let me use her sewing machine and I was able to get the linings done for four of the stockings. I just need to sew them in now.

I am trying to make the perfect fit hat. Seems either my gauge has loosened up, or I don't know what. The hats fit okay, but they aren't as snug as we'd like. I am making another one using 78 stitches and size 6 needles this time.

I have decided, after a BAD visit at Walmart Friday, I am NEVER SPENDING MY HARD EARNED MONEY THERE AGAIN! I don't care if I have to spend an extra hundred dollars to buy what ever it is I want or need. I AM NOT GOING THERE AGAIN!!!

Birthday came and went quietly. I did manage to score some yarn. The kids bought me four skeins of Kroy Sock yarn in the SAME colorway...... Plus I placed a knitpicks order..... plus I did some stash enhancement at the Cozy Cabin!! (MY favorite LYS)

I am thinking about which charity to knit for this year. I need something. So I have been looking at Warm Woolies and The Seamens Institute. Years ago, Carol Kerbel, a women I knew, went to minister there. I may do both to help get rid of some of my stash.

I am also trying to make a Baby Surprise Jacket right now. It is such a cute pattern.

Well, we put the tree up yesterday, and R decorated inside and out. So that is done, and we managed to get some cleaning done.

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Felicia said...

We missed you tonight! Hope you're feeling better - Happy Birthday! - and can't wait to see all the finished stockings!