Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 2

Week 2 - the post is a day early! How about that?
Here is a picture of lasts weeks socks for m. They both fit. Which I am pleased about. He has a size 13 foot.
I did find out from Warm Woolies though that for the larger size socks for kids they can be just single stranded, so my wrists and hands are SO HAPPY! These really were tough on them.

Here are my Peekaboo mittens for week 2 of the 52 in 52. They are made with Cascade 220 in a lovely blue colorway. (They were part of my snowman from the Magic Ball Swap. Thank you Toni!!)
Here is an update on my January Personal Sock club socks. This is the wine colorway in the Knitpicks Kettle Dyed Essential. I like the yarn just fine so far. It gives a nice stitch pattern, though the picture is showing rather pink, they are more of a burgundy.

I was able to start the second sock on Friday and I hope to be done with that one by next Friday and then I will have one sock club completed!!
I am still trying to decide on my 52 in 52 project for this coming week. I plan to cast on tomorrow. We are currently having a snow storm, so tomorrow will be a pajama day!! and lots of knitting will be going on.

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