Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ok, here are the pictures that I didn't post from my last swap package from the awesome Jeanine! She had found another ball of the DB that she forgot to send along with the other package. Now I definitely have enough for that needle case in the DK magazine! She also sent some great burts bees lipbalm, which I've never tried before and have since had to HIDE.

She also sent along the great stitch markers. Better photo below!

I had such an awesome time in that swap, once things with the other upline were worked out. I am so glad that I have actually met Jeanine and that we both have enjoyed spoiling each other.

I have been busy, knitting. Every spare minute that I find, I knit!
Here is the one sock of the Aisling yarn. This one is the last wild samon. I am done with the cuff on the second sock.

Here is another Aisling yarn, called the christmas story. I started this one the morning we went to Rhinebeck and it is the Campfire pattern. One sock completed.

Now for the STOCKINGS! I have of course fully finished the original Polar Bear.

The second one is complete to the toe and just needs the heel done.

Here is the one Moose. And yes, the pattern calls for it to have a FLAT BUTT! It does look odd, but that is the pattern. Completed through toe, except the heel.

The second moose stocking was completed, to the toe, minus the heel this week.

I did start the first of two Holly stockings, no picture yet. These two will be gifts for my brother and his wife. Same yarn. (LOVE the bartlettyarns)

Now one picture of the stash enhancement of my SOCK YARN from Rhinebeck. I didn't and don't need ANY sock yarn, but I just couldn't seem to help it.

This is Lorna's Laces fingering weight, which I have never used. The top is Purple Iris and the bottom is Seascape (I think) maybe it's seaside.

Here is the everlasting bagstopper that I did. I took it along to Rhinebeck. I used the baggstopper pattern but the handles are from Ilene, I also used smaller needles, a size 7 for the bag portion. I wanted smaller holes. Talk about STRETCH! This is going to be a great shopping bag to gift. I have more of this kitchen cotton and plan to make these as a few gifts for christmas. I hope!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. I have to get all my errands done now. It's saturday and I have the day off.... some day off.....


Midnight Crafter said...

I LOVE the moose stockings. The flat Butt gives them character. Thanks for sharing. I still want to see a picture of your sweater.

Carolyn said...

You are getting so much knitting done! It all looks great!