Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Magic Ball Swap!

I can't share the pictures yet. YES, I did remember to take some!! But let me tell you, Toni of the Cozy Cabin out did herself. I absolutely love it. I will tell more about it and post the pictures, of mine to her and her's to me, over the weekend.

We exchanged last night at the Cozy Cabin and she told me all of her new and exciting news! She is expanding her shop and opening at a new location in the next few weeks! I am so happy for her and I think that is so awesome! She does have a website, so I'll give her a little plug . I am so glad and so lucky to finally have a local yarn shop and I want to be sure to pass the word. Customer service is awesome, she offers my most favorite yarn, Bartlettyarns, plus Cascade, Brown Sheep, Lamps Pride and has begun to offer Opal and soon Berroco will be in her shop. Be sure to keep an eye on her shop, I am sure it is going places.

I am nearly finished with my first "holly" stocking. I have finished the penguin scarf, just need to block it. I am nearly finished with the one pair of socks, the wild salmon ones. AND as always, I am trying to figure out what to do next!

Oh, and I want to wish Carolyn and her mom an aweseome time at Stitches East this week! I hope that the two of you have an awesome time!!!

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Thanks, Catherine!