Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is the kind of snow man I like!

Isn't this guy just adorable?! I can't bear to take him apart. He is my magic ball swap item from Toni!
When we exchanged I found out that she loves snowmen and look what she made just for me? Isn't he great!

The package to the left of him is Toni's magic ball from me. I bought some real yummy alpaca at the PA Fiber Festival in Sept for her and I just couldn't bear to wrap it all around everything, so I wrapped it up inside of the other presents and used white kitchen cotton to ball it all up. She even liked that because she said she could make a new snow man out of it!

My Snow man has some of my favorite yarn, Bartlett for the bottom in Dark Lovat, (And of course I didn't have any of this color yet and had to buy a hank before I left) and some blue Cascade 220 in the middle and some Brown Sheep Prairie Silk for his head and she even hand made a hat for him. The spooky part, are his eyes. They are from some of her taxidermy supplies!! yikes!! His arms are dpn in bamboo, plus a cable needle for his mouth and stitch markers for earrings and more stitch markers on the front button. PLUS she said there are goodies inside and I just can't bear to take him apart yet!!! I just love it. What a cool idea.

I have been very good. I am nearly done with my last stocking, then I can do the heels and make the linings. I finished a waffle scarf for R and am in the process of another one for Jill. I am making slow progress on the socks I have going STILL from Rhinebeck! Can hardly believe it's nearly a month ago already!

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