Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knitting has been slow

I'm not starting out this post with knitting. I hope you don't mind.

This is a picture of the butterfly house that R made for me. We put it into the garden area in the back yard. There are bleeding hearts all around it, as well as impatiens. I love flower gardening and I try so hard each year to improve what it was the year before. I was and still am so thrilled that R took the time to make this house for me and I love it.

Now on to the knitting. This is my wonderful sock. It is made from Opal Cotton and the yarn has been a dream to work with. I just love the colors and the feel is so soft. I have managed to complete one sock and I am at the gusset of the second sock.

Sorry this next one is a bit blurry, but it is for my SP 12 pal. It took two tries at this pattern to get it right, but I finally did it and I think it came out good. I had hoped to have it in the mail on Saturday, but with visiting dad it just didn't happen.

I am in several swaps now and I am so excited. First, I joined the SP12 swap. This one is really cool. I have enjoyed getting to know my downstream. She is a busy mom also, and she updates her blog as she can. I am having so much fun knitting for her and I can't wait until the big reveal. She is just going to LOVE what I've chosen for her.

My SP, my upline as they say, has been very busy traveling for work and I don't hear much from her, but she keeps telling me she's putting together a package. I have to be patient, but it's so hard, when you read the other's blogs and they are being spoiled already.

I also joined the Odd ball swap, Hi Lois! and I have already got her knitted item done and I am going shopping this week. I had hoped to have it out for her birthday, but it's not going to make it, but she said that was fine.

Then, I joined the Dish Cloth Swap. I have those done and I have to get them into the mail this weekend.

Now on to life. How do you keep the stress in your life low? Someone needs to explain this to me. I just can't do it all. Going back to work full time has been nothing but frustration for me. I am not happy with how the house is or isn't being kept. But I am so tired when I get home, getting dinner on the table is about all I can manage. I don't even get to knit most nights, because when I do, I usually screw it up and rip it back the next day.

I have been a worrier most of my life and I try not to be, really I do. But my health is really being affected.

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