Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Questions

I know there are new questions to answer for the SP12. Mostly they deal with vacation. Where you like to go, what you like to do, where would you like to go.

Considering it has been nearly 10 years since we've done any kind of family vacation, I am not sure how I would answer.

The place I love most in the world is the ocean and the jersey shore. I grew up in the summer at on Barnegat bay in a bungalow. No heat, no air conditioning, no telephone, no tv, no shower, well water and the bay. Dad sold the house nearly 30 years ago and I miss it every summer. I wish that I had been able to help him with it more and being a teen had wanted to go more often. But as a teen I wanted to do "teen" things. Be with friends at home, not at the shore. So he sold and my heart has stayed behind there with all our happy family memories. Memories that I have not been able to give to our son. It makes me truly sad to think about.

Life goes on.

I need to see the ocean every year, preferably for a few days. It is my connection to happiness. I could sit at the bay or the ocean for hours, regardless of the weather and literally feel myself recharge from it's energy. Life energy. I love the colors, the smell of the water, the feel of the sand on my feet, whether hot or cold. The dampness of the air. The smell of the salt and the seaweed. The sight of the water coming in and going out. The sea spray. It breathes life into me, life that I don't get but a few days of the year.

Someplaces I would like to go some day are Savannah, Georgia. I had hoped to go there last year, but it didn't work out. I want to see all those old home and go to the water there. I want to eat at Paula Deen's restuarant.

Really, any coastal place I'd like to go to. I've never seen the Pacific. I'd like to go there someday, perhaps Seattle. Is that near the water?

I have also dreamed of some day seeing Alaska, on land, rail and cruise ship.

This year though, I am working. And I only get four days. I have to follow the guidelines of my employer. So I will have two days and a weekend down the shore with my Aunt and I will drink in as much of the water as I possibly can. I am hoping that Matt and I will be able to fit in one long weekend at Cape May in the fall. It is my other favorite place, because of all the old homes and architecture there.

I finished my socks! Yeah! I got a pair done for July. I am so very, very happy about that.

I have now started a roll brimmed hat for quad riding this fall and winter. I am using the Bartlettyarn that I got from the Cozy Cabin and I am absolutely LOVING it! I love the feel of it and the smell of it. Very natural. I am so pleased also that the yarn is from sheep from America and it is made in Maine and it has a very reasonable pricepoint that makes it extremely affordable. I am so in LOVE with this yarn.

On Thursday night I met Carolyn there and I got some to make a Cabled Hobo bag for myself and some to make a scarf with. Then I picked up some things for my Odd Ball Swap Partner. I am getting her package ready to go out this week. I can't believe how fast this month went by. I also have to get my SP 12 package ready to go out. It's not "THE" biggie, it is just another teaser.

Sorry there aren't any pictures this time.

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Your Secret Pal said...

I love the Ocean as well. I grew up within 6 miles of the water and have never lived more than 14 miles to the water my whole life. The Atlantic, the Pacific and the gulf all offer that special feeling of life and renewal it's hard to imagine why people live in the middle of the country. Seattle is about 100 miles east of the open ocean but on the inland side of a large bay. Congrats of the completed socks
Your SP