Friday, July 4, 2008

A visit to the COZY CABIN

After work yesterday, and a quick dinner with dh, I took a run over to the "cozy cabin" our new LYS and met Toni the owner. The shop deals with quilting supplies and with yarn. She is offering a few classes beginning in September, that will be taught by Carolyn from our Thursday night knit group. Anyway, the shop is really very cute and the perfect size. She offers lovely choices in Wildfoote, which I have never used before and picked up two skeins to make a pair of socks with. It is in the colorway "mums". Then after much "touching and feeling" I decided on one skein of Bartlett yarn in 3 ply, 145 yards of Md. Sheeps gray. I'll be using this for a pull over cowl, and a skein of Bartlett yarn in 2 ply, 210 yards in Dark Sheeps Gray, for a hat. Both of which are for myself and for winter when we go quad riding. I like the color, as it is not really a gray, but more of a brown. I like it alot.

As a matter of fact, I liked a lot of the colors she offered. There was also some other yarns, but I had to be good and I went with the hat and cowl in mind and perhaps a pair of socks. So I stuck well to my budget and to my list. Though I would have loved to have purchased more! And probably will in the future.

I have also signed up for Carolyn's class that she will offer in October. It is making a gorgeous colorwork christmas stocking. I can't wait.

I heard from my SP12 spoilee, she got the goodies that I sent along. I can't really mention what at the moment, just in case she happens along this blog. Which, hardly anyone reads my blog, so I don't know why I worry or wonder, but I have been looking at everyones blog who has one listed on the website trying to think who could be my SP. My upline as they say. She must travel an awful lot for work. I have not heard from her this week and last week she told me that she had been to Mexico on business so that was why I hadn't heard from her. That must be hard to be away from family.

I find it very interesting reading other peoples blogs. It is so much fun when they are from another country and they talk about their home and the pictures! It's just great. I have always lead such a boring life, I just love being able to see what other peoples lives are like.

I had some "ripping" yesterday. Well, the cabled hobo bag had a noticeable mistake about 5 repeats back, so RIP. And continue on. Then, I had all the decreases done on my toe of sock one, and it would have been just a tad too tight, so RIP. All the way back and put in five more rows and then began the decreases.

I have to work tomorrow, but I promise to get some pictures on here. It's been too long since I've taken any. I want to show the yarn I got.

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Polly said...

My nearest LYS is a combo quilt store too. Before I never quilted... but they eventually got me sucked into it and I just made my first quilt top. Like I need another hobby!