Monday, June 9, 2008

FO and frustrations

Here is a picture of my completed, modified Arnold bag. I didn't have the chunky weight yarn that was called for in the pattern, but I had some Patons classic merino in my stash that I wanted to us up. So here is the completed bag. I love it! It is the perfect size for carring my mindless, work, knitting, and my lunch and snacks in.

Next, we have the mindless, work, knitting. This is a scarf, made of Gleam, that will be sent to a charity group that will in turn send it along to a chemo patient. At work, I can fit in knitting here and there, but I can't bring anything that takes real thought. So I figured this time can be used well to knit for charity.

I don't remember if I showed this one well enough. This is the scarf I made from some of my reclaimed yarn. I love this pattern and how this one came out.

That I immediately cast on this one when I was done with the above one. It is also of reclaimed yarn, of a light weight, lambswool. It is a gray/purple shade with flecks of colors in it. I think the tag in the sweater said "woodland". I like the weight of this one. It will make a nice indoor scarf to help dress up some of my conservative bank outfits.

I feel bad about this next picture. The color is just not what it really is. I will have to take another one when I am done. In the picture, it looks gold, but really it is this wonderful shade of green. It is some of the J. Knits yarn in Montana colorway.

This pattern is "Falling Water Lace Scarf" by Bonnie Sennott. It is a great pattern and I have gotten through the repeat 15 times. I will probably do 25 repeats to make it nice and long. It is a fingerweight yarn.

I found out who my secret pal is and I am so excited to start this new adventure. I do not have a clue what it is all about, but I'll learn.

My spoiler has contacted me today as well. It is so exciting!

Part of my frustration is my work. Last week, I made a mistake, one that perhaps could have been avoided if I weren't new, if I could "hear" better, and if an additional hold had been placed on a check. I can't really say much more, but let's just say, the bank is out several thousand dollars because of a bad check and me paying part of it out. sigh.... The others have told me, they would have done the same, the hold was off of the check, the money was available. They would have given out the cash as well. BUT, they didn't, I was the one who did, and while it's not like I'll lose my job or anything, it is now up to my boss to track the person down, and to try to get the money back OR to go through all the paperwork to take this person to court. I feel and felt horrible.

I know I need to move on about it. Things like this happen. I try to believe that people are good, but you know what? People who are bad, shit on people who are good. And that's just the way things are and I should get used to it, I know.

But, I still feel bad, like it was my fault, like I should have known better.

I am now more careful about everyone, and every check. I check every account, and if I'm not sure, I call one of the others who are more familiar with the families and the customers.

well, that's enough bellyaching.

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Polly said...

I'm sorry for your crappy work situation, but aren't a prolific little knitter!

Thanks for posting your profile! /SP Hostess Nic