Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Day without Knitting! Oh MY!

On Friday, I did not one stitch of knitting!

Working a job, and keeping a house and all that goes with it, then comes the monthly! Well, by the time 7pm rolled around, I was too exhausted to even pick up my needles. I just sat on the couch like a vegetable and fell asleep watching tv by about 8pm! I haven't done that in a few years and I don't like it!!

I determined that yesterday, I was going to do some form of knitting. I have some projects in mind and I have ton's of yarn, I just have to get on the ball, so to speak.

So I got out my swift and and balled up the J.Knits Montana sock yarn, which I am now through two repeats of the "Falling Water Lace Scarf" and I'm loving it. I also balled up the J.Knits Felters Dream Bulky that I have. I am thinking I want to make a bag out of this. At first I was thinking Cowls, because I know they will make a great accessory for work, but I am still searching for the perfect handbag.... And I think these three colors will look great together in a felted handbag. I am thinking "Seashells and Sand" hand bag by Anita Moore. It is a free pattern on . I like the shape, and will probably felt the whole thing.

I love all the free patterns that you can find on the internet. I appreciate all the designers who offer their patterns free. I don't think enough people tell them that.

No pictures today, sorry about that. It's early and I am trying to "squeeze" in some blog time and some knitting before I begin doing more "chores"!!

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