Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What would you consider to be the perfect amount of stash?

Yarn stash that is.

I never really thought about this, as I do have a yarn stash, not in my notebook though. I have 4 dresser drawers full, plus two drawers of one night stand, plus two underbed storage containers, plus two smaller shelf containers, plus a LARGE ziplock with my reclaimed yarn and yarn yet to be claimed. Plus there is the "sock" bag, with an additional three skeins, and a J.Knits back with about 8 skeins, plus a shopping bag with some kitchen cotton.

And I still feel the NEED for more!

Terrible as it is. I am on a yarn diet, and I have been VERY good. I have only purchased a few skeins that I needed to make a project or two since February. Otherwise I have been using what I have in my stash, and this is helping to keep me happy, and not broke!

My perfect size stash is whatever I need at the moment to get me through the moment I am in, so I guess, for right now, I have the perfect sized stash.

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Midnight Crafter said...

I have a large yarn stash also, but my real problem is my fabric stash. I could not possibly sew up all the fabric I have if I sewed all day long every day the rest of my life. Guess that was the hazzard of working in a fabric store for 13 years. Oh well, I heard that she who dies with the most fabric wins. tee hee