Monday, June 23, 2008

Question #2 and other updates...

Question 2 for the SP what did I look forward to most on summer break.

Our bungalow at the Jersey shore and reading. We had no tv, no telephone, we didn't even have a shower, you bathed in the kitchen sink. For a kid, that was heaven! Those are the memories that will always be burned into my head and my heart.

This weekend was a waste! I got absolutely no knitting done. I hate weekends like that.

We got TONS of yard work done though, which, I really shouldn't complain about. It needed to be done, damn weeds! I hate to use chemicals on them, and when I was home, I could keep after them, everyday for a few minutes, but now! FORGET IT! I had to put down some Preen after I weeded. I am going to have to put several applications down and then in the fall use something a bit stronger. I can't be spending hours weeding, and weed wacking.

Saturday night, I was so exhausted, I couldn't even enjoy the deck with DH. I ended up falling asleep around 7:30! That is a bit early, man am I getting old.

Since I last wrote, I have finished the cuff of one sock, and I have gotten 9 inches done on the June bag. It is working up a bit small, but I am hoping that it will soften up once I wash it. The cabling is just awesome on it.

Well, I haven't heard from my SP last week, I hope that she is doing well.

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