Friday, August 8, 2008

News! Pictures! Packages!

Okay, first things first. I came home today to not one but TWO packages. Both are from the dishcloth swap that I was in. The first package is a great cloth by beginknitter. Also included was a neat bracelet with the word "hope" on it. We all need that, don't we.

Next, a package all the way from Stafforshire England! The package says "royal mail" on it! I love it. Ceri included a cloth that is so squishy and not one but TWO skeins of kitchen cotton in perfect colors for my kitchen!

If either of you take a look at my blog, thank you so much. I enjoyed the swap alot and I hope that you did too.

Here is the beginnings of my CLAPOTIS. I am using Elsabeth Lavolds silky wool. I absolutely love it. You can see some of the stitch marker that I got from Glitterbear, from the odd ball swap. They came is SO handy and made me smile while knitting.

I finished the clap today, scarf size and I still have some stitches to drop, and to weave in the ends, but I just love the weight of it and the look. It is a definite gift possiblities to it.

This next photo is of the new Bartlett yarn I purchased at the Cozy Cabin (HI Toni) last night before going to sit and knit. Anyway, the colorway is "terra cotta" it is the 2 ply and I am planning to make the Obverse Jacket, by lisa shroyer from the fall 2008 Knitscene magazine that I bought last week.

There are so many FABULOUS patterns in this magazine. I really, REALLY want to make the nubby cardiagn by deborah newton, but I am afraid I am just not experienced enough for it. I am going to make it though. Because I just love the classic look of it.
I would also LOVE the big ivy scarf by christine lorin made of Aslan Trends Artesanal. It just looks so soft and cuddly.
Those are my favorites. but I like a LOT more of them!!! smile
I sent off my package to my downline SP and the tracking says it has arrived. I got an email from her this evening, but she didn't mention the package. GEE I hope no one stole it!! I'll be on pins and needles until I hear from her.


Jo said...

thankyou for stopping in on my blog and saying hello! Great packages! I hope you enjoy the rest of SP12 too, I must get to work on my second package for my spoilee.

Polly said...

I have a 1/3 done clapotis just sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting for me to finish. You make me feel so guilty!