Thursday, March 6, 2008

A New Month

I have been bad about updating. I hope to do better now that things in life have calmed down some.

I don't have any pictures today, but I just wanted to give an update on my garter rib socks. I got both of the socks done and the feet were just too tight. I knew they wouldn't wear well. So, I ripped one out, and went in the gusset area to 62 stitches and worked 42 rows instead. They were too tight and just a tad too short. And I followed the toe decreasing instructions correctly. I don't know why that area always draws a blank for me and I screw it up. BUT, I have finally, after over a year, remember how to kirchner the toes with out the instructions.

So I did finish those socks in February, technically, but redid them and finished them in March.

I have not picked up my "Cozy" at all, for which I feel bad. It just takes so much concentration. I guess I won't be too good at lace knitting. I am glad I have tried this though, as I do like it and will finish it. I like the yarn also and hope to be able to make a garment with it someday.

I have stalled on my bottom up yolk top by EZ. I want to put some colorwork into the top, but I've never done it before and I can't decided what to put up top. Typical me, can't make a decision, so don't do anything till you can.

I did pick up the new IK. Some very lovely patterns in there for dreaming about.

With life being what it is right now, I can not purchase any yarn and will have to knit totally from stash until it changes. Which is okay. I have plenty of sock yarn and I have some projects worth of yarn already stashed, but it's hard to browse patterns and to not be able to try them right away.

I guess that is why I like Ravelry so much, you can save the project ideas that you like to come back to at a later date.

I have started another pair of socks with the same 6 ply Opal that I used for the garter rib. I was trying to do the "Laburnum" pattern from Sensational Socks and I just could NOT get the hang of doing a K3tog. It was just too difficult to do. I know it was only every third row, but it took me so long to get just a few of them done, I'd never be able to finish the socks. So instead I am just doing the P1, K3, P1 and repeating to make a ribbing pattern. I cast on 60 stitches and I have gotten to the heel so far. I may keep the foot at 62 stitches like the last pair though.

I have found, that since most of my socks are knit with only a crew to ankle length on them, I can usually get two pairs of socks out of each ball of yarn. Which is just fine by me, as it reduces the per pair cost and then I don't feel quite so bad about spending 15.00 + dollars on one skein of yarn. I know that Rachel would love another pair of socks, but I have a feeling that these will be for me also.

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