Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can you really become obessed with something so quickly?

This happens to me quite often. I get so involved in something new, that I don't even think about the world around me. It fills my time and my day and I am happy.

Today is Wednesday and I left for the 9 am opening of the Salvation Army and I was there for nearly an hour and a half JUST looking through the sweaters!

First, I did find a few that I or R will wear now and next winter. I found her a lovely Lambswool zip up cardigan. I was so glad she liked it and that it fit her so nicely. Otherwise I would have taken it apart.

I did find a number of very good buys and they were all half off! So that was even better. I used some of my saved fun money and now I have several more sweaters to take apart for new things. I am so excited!

Yesterday I washed the "Mr Green Jeans" wool and also that Shetland that I got the first time I went "reclaiming". They both came out just wonderfully and I will work on getting Mr Green Jeans balled up tomorrow.

Today I worked on a GORGEOUS Lord and Taylor, 100% Lambswool sweater. It is such a fine yarn, 2 strands. If I use it I will have to double it. I will wash this and then leave it in a hank until I can get a ball winder, there is no way I am doing that one by hand!

I have to get to knitting though. I think I have only picked up my socks twice in a week. I need to make the time to get those done before the end of the month. I really would like to get one pair done a month for the year.

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Felicia said...

Sounds like you'd better get busy with all your new wool!

I was supposed to call you - can you come for scraps Friday?