Monday, March 17, 2008

Seam Rippers

If you ever decide to undertake learning how to reclaim yarn, be sure you have a SEAM RIPPER HANDY!

I do not know where my sewing basket is. Haven't seen it since we moved. I see it in my minds eye, but it is not anywhere in this house.

So I went and got one and life became much, much easier.

In my last post, I went on about my yarn diet. You know, it's like any diet, makes you feel like you're missing something. Like you've given something up....sigh....

I have seen several times mentioned on Ravelry about reclaiming the yarn in thrift store sweaters. I thought those people were crazy.

Well, welcome a new crazy person to the world!! ME! I went to the Salvation Army on Saturday and walked out with 7 sweaters to reclaim AND a Vintage Dale of Norway cardigan. I was going to put that one back, figuring that I couldn't take it apart because of the steeking of the sleeves, then I thought I could manage to copy the stitch pattern and learn from the steeking by taking it apart. I also thought I could salvage the body and arms of the yarn, but the front is probably steeked as well. It is too large for me, and it has a rip in the ribbing, BUT it has great puter closing that I could reuse some day which would cost me more than 4.00 to purchase new. So I bought it.

I got one black 100% Shetland wool sweater, upon taking it apart, it is either fingering weight or lace weight, two strands held together. It was a great first sweater to take apart. No real construction issues.

Next, was a natural, undyed 100% wool sweater from Ireland. There was some pattern work in it, so upon ripping it apart, it yielded alot of yarn. It looked as if the sweater was never worn at all. What a shame.

Then, another Shetland wool, fingering weight, 2 strands together, men's sweater. So I have TONS of that yarn, but did lose some, as I didn't think about the V neck portion. So I just cut across the chest. There was cabling in this sweater.

Then there was another men's sweater from Woolrich. It is a Wool/Nylon blend. An Extra Large, so tons more yarn. I figure this is what I will probably use for hat, scarf and mitten sets.

I found a nice brown, smooshy sweater, that I really liked, but was way too large for me. It is also a wool/nylon blend, worsted weight. Taking it apart I thought I was going to have trouble, as the inside seams, seemed to be felted, but they really weren't. It came apart easily, but was very dusty. Good thing I did that one outside.

I am currently working on an Acrylic/Wool blend. I know, why waste time on an acrylic, but it is a women's size 18/20 and it is a beautiful blue, and nice and soft. I am thinking the perfect yarn for a Mr. Greenjeans, plus probably a Clapotis.

This is the one thing about the yarn. I have no idea of how much there is. I just know, since I bought larger than my size sweaters, that I will have enough to complete projects my size.

I still have to wash the yarn. I have got it in hanks and I will wash and dry it, and then I'm thinking it will be put away in hanks and balled once I am ready to use it. My arms are killing me. I am going to have to find a swift and a ball winder now for sure if I really wish to continue on this journey.

My family must think I'm nuts, but they know how much I love to knit and make things. This is perfect for me as I love the hunt and the bargain. It is quite a bit of work though. But with a SEAM RIPPER the work is much, much easier.

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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Felicia said...

Boy have you been busy! Sounds like your really scored with your thrift shop finds.

Hope you like your new hair color. I'm feeling more like myself today - but a trip to the beauty shop is always wonderful.

I need to call you tomorrow - we have some scraps for you!