Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Things!

First, I need to say thank you to Felicia and Bob for the wonderful offering of wood scraps for our wood burner. I met Felicia last week at my first Knit Night and she gladly offered the scraps to me if I were to come and pick them up. They have already helped me to get the "fire" going in the morning and to get us toasty warm again. It's a good thing!

Now, on to what I have been doing, among other things, these days.

I was able to find a pattern for a swift on line and I asked my brother, who is a wood worker, if he could make one for me without too much trouble.

Imagine my surprise when my father showed up with it this weekend! I was and still am so excited.

This was my first ball made with my new swift. Isn't it a good thing? I sure think so. This is going to help out my arms so much from the pain that winding around the backs of two large diningrom chairs does.

And here is the whole sweaters worth of Wool from Ireland that I bought at the thrift store this past week. Don't they look great?
WhileI don't really like to quote Martha, I sure think they are a good thing!

It will be even better for the next sweaters that I unwind, as then they will fit on the swift properly. Right now, I can only put three of the pegs in. BUT, those three pegs do measure out to 36 inches, so atleast I have approximate measurements now on the yarn. I am not sure it is very accurate, I have a feeling there is more yarn not less.

I am currently working on the blue wool/acrylic blend, that I hope to make Clapotis with. I am doing it outside as my allergies are still bothering me.

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