Saturday, March 15, 2008


Well, I've been thinking. About my "Cozy"
( I hope I did that link right, not sure though)

Anyway, I have been thinking alot about it. I just love the pattern, and I love the yarn, but I have set it down and not picked it up in nearly a month. Why? I believe the reason is, I am definitely not liking knitting it. Why? Because even with a life line I have had to rip back too many times and I don't like that.

So, I've been thinking and reading others thoughts on the Ravelry group KAL for the Cozy. There are some having the same problem, and some who have decided to go with a worsted weight yarn and make it an item of more substance rather than lighter like a scarf.

Since I am on a definite yarn diet, I need to consider all projects that I want to make to use up the yarn that I do have, because I can't buy any yarn right now. So, I am seriously considering frogging the "Cozy" using that yarn for something else, because I LOVE IT, and making the "Cozy" at a later date out of another yarn.

I finished my last Dish Cloth for Jill, so now there are six. And I am going to try this weeks dish cloth pattern from the Weekly KAL group that I joined. I am going to do it in ecru and see how it comes out. Ecru and white are the only two solid colors of cotton kitchen yarn that I have left.

Well, I guess that is all for today. I am going to try hard to update this blog more frequently though I may not have pictures every time.

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