Thursday, March 20, 2008

No Knitting

Well, my allergies have reared their ugly head.

I guess I can knit with wool, but I can't rip back sweaters in the house, or without a mask for that matter. My nose ran all day yesterday, to the point where I couldn't do a thing without having a tissue near my face. I didn't sleep the night before, so I dragged my butt all day long. Finally took a two hour nap around 6 and then got up and went to bed! I did manage to sleep, and I did have the thought about an allergy pill in the afternoon and so far this morning, that seems to be working, but I look like death!

I go somethings done around the house yesterday, but today I will have to do my Friday running around to get ready for the holiday weekend.

SO there probably won't be any knitting today either.

I have decided to ONLY go to the Salvation Army to look for sweaters on Wednesdays, as that I have come to find out, is family day and they usually offer discounts on three to four different color tags..... I wish I had known that Tuesday. I went and picked out a few really nice ones, but I can't do anything with them for a few days and these allergies calm down.

OH! I ask my brother to make a swift for me. I found directions on the net and they use scrape wood. Well he called me yesterday to say he did it on his lunch break! I am so excited. He will send it with dad, so I will have it later today.

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