Sunday, April 27, 2008

Projects I've worked on this week!

Boy, the week sure went by quickly, now that I am working. Can't say it makes me happy, as my knitting time is cut WAY back by it.

I made this tote bag last weekend. It it made out of a men's sweater that I felted and then cut and sewed, BY HAND. Not my favorite activity, but it came out nicely and I've been carrying Mr GreenJeans in it all week to work.

I get about 15 minutes at lunch time where I can knit, the other 15 is for eating. sigh...

Here is the child's sweater that I knit for Julie this week. I spent each morning, during my quiet time working on it. I will send it off to her tomorrow.

I can say that I learned alot from this little vest. It was a test knit and I had to "rewrite" some of the directions along the way, as the designer took alot for granted from the knitter and they were very vague. I need to make sense of my chicken scratch and send that along to Julie as well.

I had to rework the button band three times to get it to look nice. There was alot left to be desired with the instructions, and with no skematics or pictures to go by, I still think that the one button hole is TOO high up, but I will let Julie decide when she gets it.

I grafted the shoulders, which I really like how they came out, I"ll have to remember doing that, as I graft alot of toes and can do that well, only with shoulders, you don't want to pull a tightly as you do with socks.

I continue to work on Mr GreenJeans and I am determined to finish him this month. (Thumbs pressed). I have two more rows on the right sleeve to do, the whole left sleeve and the button band. I think I can get it done.

At the moment, I have two more sweaters felting to make tote bags out of. These will be much larger, as they were XL men's sweaters. One I will make for R as she found it and liked it.

Work this week was good. It is just going to take me time to realize that my time is no longer my own, it is ruled by someone else and that I actually have to ASK for permission to take vacation! BUT, I am happy, I get 4 1/2 days of vacation this year, so I can't complain. But having to plan and ask for it is hard.

This week, I plan to finish Mr GreenJeans and decide on what will be my next project. I am trying VERY HARD, not to buy some yarn. I have quite a bit in my stash and I don't really NEED anymore yarn, but......

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Anonymous said...

Your sweater bag turned out great!!! I love the thought of felting sweaters and making bags.. I did quite a few myself but the handsewing got old reallll quick *lol*
You did an excellent job on the vest as well beautiful work.
Knit On.. As I look through your blog you have some great projects Cant wait to see more.