Saturday, April 19, 2008

I may never get to Ireland~!

But, I have a hand knit sweater, made of 100% Pure New Wool from Ireland!

Isn't it lovely? It is one of my Salvation Army finds this week. We found it in the Men's section, though I do not think it a Men's Sweater. There is no size in it.

At first, I was going to reclaim the yarn. It is a natural colorway, so I thought, maybe someday, if or when I learn to dye yarn... or to knit my own aran sweater with it.

But, then, I tried it on this morning, and I thought. Hmmm. It really isn't TOO big. And M hates my pink, fuzzy robe. He's been after me to make a robe to wear. So I tried it on in from of him and didn't say anything and he said, that could be your new robe!

Though I could never wear it next to my skin, it does cover my butt, and it has pockets in it and it buttons if I want.

So, now I have myself a handknit sweater from Ireland. I tell you, I don' think anyone ever wore it, that it just sat in someone's drawer.

OH! And one of the nicests parts?! I got it on family day, where everything, except one color tag, is half price. This only cost me $3.00. And if or when I tire of it, I have more than a sweaters worth of yarn to make something new! How awesome is that?

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