Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's a Surprise Vest!

No pictures today, just didn't have the time to down load them.

I got another package in the mail from Julie at J-Knits. This project will be a test knit and a sampler for a childs vest. I've never done one of these, so it will be fun. I love the colorway she sent this time, it is blues and purples, one of my favorites.

I sent off the sweater to her last week and I can't wait to get my yarnie goodness surprise from her for knitting it up. I am sure it will be a good one.

Why couldn't we have found each other sooner?

Well, tomorrow is a new day for me. I am very sad that I will not be an at home mom anymore. But I know it is for the best, and it will get me out, and meeting people and it is a good job. For that, I am grateful.

Yesterday, I spent nearly the whole day making a Felted Sweater tote. Pictures soon. I had great fun making it and plan to make some more. This one I will use for toting back and forth to work my knitting in progress.

Which, besides the vest, is my Mr Green Jeans. I have the body done, and one sleeve up to the ribbing. I am pleased so far with the fit.

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