Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, here it is, the Yarn cake I have been telling you about. Isn't the hand dyed color just Awesome!

Now we'll talk about my reclaiming day that I had yesterday. This charcoal grey one is 70% shetland wool and 30% Acrylic. It is a mens XL and I am planning to make this one into a cobblestone sweater for my brother for Christmas. I think it will be great!

This pink one is just yummy, it is a Ladies Large Gap stretch. 98% Lambswool and 1% Lycra and 1% other fiber. That part has me a bit worried, other fiber.... but it is so yummy I couldn't resist it~!

And here is the AWESOME sweater!
It is 100% ALL PURE WOOL Made in Ireland and it is a Women's XL. I have it in the sink as we speak I am so excited about this one.
It was a beautiful knit sweater, hardly worn and too large for me, so I am trying to think of what to make of it. I was able to get almost 1,400 YARDS out of this sweater~! I could make TONS of small stuff or I bet 2 sweaters if I plan it all right! Yahoo for me. And for only $2.50!

Tonight is sit and knit, I am so excited that this group seems to be starting and going. I have such fun knitting with new people, seeing new projects and yarns, and most of all talking with people who have the same interests as me!

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