Monday, April 7, 2008

Life has kept me busy

I have taken some wonderful pictures to share and haven't had them time to down load them.

We were so busy all weekend and even today that I took some great pictures that I will just have to share on Wednesday when I have some free time, unless I can squeeze it in tomorrow morning.

I received my package of yarn and pattern in the mail on Saturday. I didn't think it would arrive so quickly, so I didn't check the mail until nearly 7 pm and it had been there ALL afternoon!! sigh.....

I still don't know if I can talk about it or not, but I will share the "yarn" cakes I made up with them from the hanks. Atleast then you could see the colorway, which is absolutely GORGEOUS!

I am working away at Mr GreenJeans, though I haven't done much with such a busy weekend. And I also started another dishcloth, as I needed something small and quick to do, but haven't finished that either!

I will say that DH has managed to get the bathroom portion of the utility room done, now just one wall, the shower and the ceiling and that room will be complete! Yeah!!!

OH, and the most important thing I learned this weekend, which I will explain more when the pictures are up, BE SURE TO READ, and READ the directions!

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