Monday, January 28, 2008

Finished Objects

Well, here are some pictures! This is my fake Noro Vest that I have been working on for a bit. Sorry that there is no picture of me wearing it. The one we took was distorted, we'll have to try again.

If I ever make this again, I would make the back a bit wider. I believe this one was only 70 stitches wide. And I probably would have made it just an inch or so longer. I seamed up the side about 9 inches to form the arm holes. I have worn this twice already and it fits wonderfully and is very warm.

Remember the Friday Harbro socks? Well, they are now Twin Rib from SKS book. I needed a simpiler pattern to work on. Having the vest and the sweater going at once, I needed an easy, quick project and I was struggling and not enjoying the chart. I guess it take a bit more learning to enjoy it.

Here is my top down raglan that I finished last month. After working on Rachels and making hers a bit longer, I decided I liked the way that one fit much better, so I ripped out the bottom ribbing and I knit 20 extra rows and I am now going to put the 25 rows of ribbing back on it. I am hoping that this will help with the "climbing up" this sweater was tending to do.

Here is Rachels sweater. I am almost done with the first arm and I can't wait to be done with it. I have gotten so many more ideas just from this sweater.

I have been very bad. I placed another order today with Yarn Country for more Cascade 220. Enough to use what I have in order to make 3 more sweaters.

Plus I ordered some Malabrigo in Lacy weight merino (I think that is what it is called) in Hummingbird. Mom will be gone a year next month and before she left, she had tried on my second pair of socks, made with Gyspy Girl Creations 100% Superwash Merino wool in Painted Desert by Stonebarnfibers. It was the first purchase I made of fancy hand dyed yarn and I completed them while mom was ill. She tried them on and I haven't been able to wear them or really haven't taken them out at all. They still sit in the bag I carried around with me, back and forth to the hospital and lived out of for weeks. Mom loved hummingbirds, and saw real ones at our house in WI. I am not sure what I will make with this yarn, but I figure, every year, I will choose a yarn and make something special to remember mom by.

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