Friday, January 18, 2008

More Finished Objects!

Here are the completed Campfire socks! I thought the second sock would never end. I don't know why they seemed to feel as if they took forever. I think I've decided that gift socks will have only fancy tops and stockinette feet.

They came out very nice. The end fabric feels so yummy. Rach was so happy she wore them today. I can't wait to see how they wear.

Here is my next project. It is Paton's Soy Wool Stipes in the Natural Plum Colorway. The pattern is one I got from Knitnride, she's on Ravelry. She had this pattern on her blog, using Noro, but I just couldn't afford that just yet. So when Michaels had their yarn sale, I thought I would try it using this yarn.

The directions are to CO 74, knit for 57 inches. Then for the back, pick up 82 stitches from the middle and knit 15 1/2 inches. There are no other instructions for it, but I think from the picture on her blog I should be able to duplicate it. At least, I hope so. It's all about learning!

I was bad. I have placed an order for needles from knitpicks and Ialso ordered some yarn. I went to Michaels and to ACMoore and neither store had exactly what I needed or wanted. So, they will come with free shipping sometime in the next two weeks.

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