Monday, January 7, 2008

Finished Objects

Now I have my own bag! This one is made out of the Araucania Nature Wool chunky, just like I made for Rose. I modified the pattern somewhat to make the bottom larger and the height a bit taller. I plan to use it as my travel bag.

In this picture you can see how nice the colors are done and that it looks almost like I used three different shades of blue, but I didn't. It was the same blue, number 103, but it seems this yarn does not have actual dye lots. I guess thats what causes the variations in color. I like it.
Here are my Cape May, Plain Vanilla Socks! I haven't worked on them since before thanksgiving, I think. I had one sock done up to the heel flap. I completed that sock on Saturday and began sock two on Sunday and completed it Sunday night. My shoulders are killing me for it, but i just wanted to get them done! I certainly learned something with these socks though. Take better notes. I put these down and somehow either I lost my pattern notes to myself or I didn't write any.... and I think that the heels on them are just a touch different inn the amount of stitches used. But, thats okay. I consider it something learned and they are socks for me.
This is how far I am on my Top Down Raglan out of Moda Dea Visions in Forest colorway. The picture does not due the color justice, I took it in the light of the room, no sunshine yet this morning.

You can see the neckline that I chose to try with this one. A smaller height in collar but a longer depth in the V neck. I really like this yarn, but I haven't washed it yet to see what the after sweater will look like. No, I don't plan to felt it, just want to see how it looks after washing.

On Ravelry, I finally joined a list! I joined "Mission Possible 2008" You had to list 12 things that you needed/would get done in 2008 and if you don't get them done you either have to donate them, or burn them and make a video of it for YouTube. You are supposed to do UFO's that you have, or only use yarn that is in your stash. I thought this would be a great list for me to keep me accountable for some of the things I want to get done this year. I can already check one off, my Cape May socks!

I try not to have too many things going at once as I like the sense of accomplishment of finishing. It helps to keep me going. Though I LOVE to look at all the patterns and yarns and dream!

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