Sunday, January 13, 2008

Objects in Progress

Here is the first completed Campfire Sock that I am making for Rachel. I said that this year I wanted to try new yarns and this is ONline Supersocke 100 Summer color #789 that I had in my sock stash since last years buying spree. It is a cotton/wool blend and I was a bit worried about the give it wouldn't have. But, this yarn and pattern have worked wonderfully together. The sock is very giving and very soft. We both just love the way it has come out. Even though, I must say it seems like I have been working on it forever. I cast on last week, however, I was not home the whole week, so really alot of the knitting was done over a few days, not the whole week. I will start the second sock today.

Now for some pictures of stash items that were ordered in 2007 but that didn't come until this week. Here are some lovely Cascade 220 Heathers, and one solid. I bought these for trying out hat patterns. I have several on my list and I need manly colors. The reds are not quite as pink as the picture shows. One is a brick and the other is a wine. All lovely colors. This order came from and it is my first order from them. I was so happy with it and they sent me a coupon for 10% my next order, but the deadline is today....

This yarn is the Reynolds Lite Lopi that I ordered to make the Lelah top I found a pattern for. Alot of people used this yarn for this top, however, upon receiving it, I am not sure if this is going to be an itchy top or not. But, I am willing to give it a try. New things, that what I am opening up for. New experiences with fiber.

Now, this is just wonderful and I can't wait to use it! It is Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and I bought it for the Cozy pattern. It is the most dreamiest yarn I have seen in a long while and it is really what is tempting me to go and spend to get the 10% discount..... I have already seen several things to make with this lovely yarn.

This is the Malabrigo I ordered to make the Foliage hat. It is a bit pricey, at $10.75 a skein, but they say if you are careful you can get more than one hat out of it. So I am hoping. I believe the color way is crushed grapes. I can't wait to knit with it as if feels very soft to the touch. So many people seem to like it and love it. I just don't have the budget for it.

I am still working on my top down raglan and I am almost to the bottom ribbing. I have made this sweater a bit smaller than the last, however it is still coming out a bit big, I want a snugger sweater. I like doing top down, as I really don't like to do purl stitches as they hurt my wrists, and believe me, right now, I am having definite issues with my wrists, arms and neck!

But, I am obsessed with knitting and wanted to try new things and make new things that I almost can't stop myself.

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