Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bags, I-Cord, and Felting, Oh My!!

Well Booga Bag has struck! I was trying to figure out what to make for Rose and the girls for christmas (of course only about three days before) and I happened upon this pattern on Ravelry and thought I would give it a try. Have I learned alot! This bag is done out of Patons Classic wool and I made it for Samantha. It will be a nice size for her with shorter handles. I used the yarn doubled through out for this bag. As you can see it did felt, but all the stitch definition did not go away. but I am happy with it for a first try.

This one is actually my fourth bag, done for Rachel. We went to Michael's the day after christmas and I wanted to try the Patons SWS yarn. She chose the colorway and I made this one for her. I am still, even four bags later, trying to get this felting thing right. Part of my problem is I have a front loader. I have begun the felting process with boiling water in the kitchen sink and that seems to help some. I hope to be able to line this bag for her to give it a bit more structure. I did cut a piece of plastic canvas for the bottom to give it some definition.
This is prefelted for Rose. It is made from some Araucania Nature Wool Chunky that I picked up at AC Moore that was on clearance. Still not cheap, but a much more affordable price. I really like the way this one came out. If used just about all of three skeins and this line does not have dye lots, so even though the label said the same color, it ended up with a lighter stripe in the middle. I have to take an after picture of it so you can see how nice it came out.

This is the one I made for Amanda, prefelted. I did this double stranded and I also added a few stitches to the bottom and went a few rows further. I also made the I-Cord handle a bit longer. She is a young teen and I am sure she will be wanted to put lots of "stuff" in here.

Learning to do the I-Cord was easy. Watched a video on I just love that website. I am a sight learner for the most part. The thing with i-cord is, I don't have double pointeds in a size 10 or 10.5 so I had to use my circulars to do them. Which, really wasn't bad, but it was such a time user. Plus, being new to it, I was very slow with the first 2 and a half and they seemed to take all day! But, I don't mind doing them now.

The New year has arrived and I have been thinking for days on to what to do. I don't usually do resolutions. I pick things that I want to do and then I do them. Last year, it was to learn how to knit socks. And I am so glad I did! But I've been learning so much more than just socks that I haven't knitted a pair since Edward's went off the needles.

I have done a few things towards making a list of things I'd like to make this year. And after I chose them, I went shopping on line for wool that I have never used before so as to expand my horizons. So I guess that is one new thing to add. Try new yarns throughout the year.

I also went through my queue in my notebook at Ravelry and printed off those things that I ordered the yarn for so that I would have the patterns handy when the yarn arrives. This way it will help me to be more organized and the yarn won't get appropriated to another project.

Would I say that I am going on a yarn diet? Knitting only from my stash? Well, yes, and no. I did order the above yarn before the end of the year, with christmas and birthday money, and I did have a project in mind. Several. Will I buy any more yarn for a while? Probably not, unless there is something that I really HAVE to make and I don't have some yarn already. As for knitting from my stash, I have TONS of socks yarn right now and I really need to just get making some for me as well as for others. Share the joy! Right?! However, I only have colored sock yarn and some people I would love to make a pair for are not colored yarn people. So, if I really, truly need to order, it can only be a solid color.

How long do I plan to keep this up? Well, I'm not really sure. But for now, I will say for three months. From now until April 1st I will not purchase any impulse yarn. The only yarn I will purchase has to have a specific purpose, such as a gift for someone.

Something else that I have also decided to do is to update this blog every Monday. It seems to be the only day of the week where I know that I am going to be at home. I like the idea of having a blog and recording the things I learn and make, even though no one actually reads it yet, but me. If there is someone reading, please say hi!

Currently on my needles are a top down raglan sweater made from Moda Dea Visions. This one is in the Forest colorway and I have made the v-neck of this sweater longer than the previous one. I have just cast off the arms and I am working on the body now. I love how it is coming out and I can't wait for it to be finished. I have been wearing and enjoying the other one I made from this yarn and I will probably purchase more of this yarn for other projects. (Though I haven't washed it yet)

Well, I am going to close here. I am so glad to have gotten this much accomplished and I will write again on Monday.

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