Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stash and Burn

Stash and Burn is the name of the podcasts that I have currently been listening to. Nicole and Jenny are really cute with their banter between each other. But I've been learning alot about different kinds of yarn. Also they talk alot of their projects, or rather, unfinished projects. They've also included some interviews that were very enjoyable. For someone who has never been to a fleece or fiber event, they did a great job with their descriptions of Stitches West and how hard it was for them to keep control of their buying. I could so relate.

I also like that they include web addresses for other on it. If you have a chance, go over to their website or to iTunes and look up Stash and Burn, it's really nice listening.

I am still progressing on my "noro" vest. I am hoping that once I am done it will fit properly, since I really don't have an actual pattern for it as I am knitting. It's all about learning. I have made some modifications to the pattern to fit my body.

I have stalled at the moment on my top down, just because I need to do some quick projects to have something done. I know as I knit I am finishing the top down, but it is just a longer knit.

I started using the Opal 6 ply in Owl from the Friday Harbor socks that I frogged. They are a part of my Mission Possible 08 list. I am using one of the patterns from Sensational Socks. I am doing them on size 3 two circulars, which is my preferred style for socks anymore.

I am sorry there aren't any pictures again. I have to get some taken of my current projects. That is what also makes me feel like I am making progress of the items I'm working on.

Still enjoying Ravelry alot. Come on over and check out my projects pages if you are a member, if you aren't, sign up. It's awesome!

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