Friday, February 1, 2008

If you're cold, put on a sweater. That's what they're for. Brenda Dayne from Cast On

No pictures today.

I just love that quote. I hope Brenda doesn't mind that I've used it. I call her Brenda like I know her, personally. She does the Podcast "Cast On" that I have found on iTunes and have been listening to ALL the back ones for the past several days. I tell you, these podcast things are almost as addicting as Ravelry has been. But atleast with the podcasts, you get to knit while they talk! And listen to some really great music. It is like having a knitting friend in the room with you and having a conversation. It's really great.

Finished objects! I have a few of them. I finished Rachels top down raglan. I did take some pictures, I just haven't loaded them yet. It fits her wonderfully and she even wore it to school yesterday, which was such a compliment to me that she wore the sweater I made her. It is such a great feeling when you make something for someone and they just love it and wear it!

I also finally, found a pattern for a hat for George. It is Tychus and I did it in acrylic. He's a kid. It was a super simple pattern. Would be/will be a great stash buster hat as you use two skeins of yarn, different colors, and use the yarn doubled throughout. It ends up being a thick warm hat. I only did four repeats instead of the five suggested by the pattern,which makes this large enough. I tried it on, Rachel and Matthew tried it on and it fit all three of us just fine. For the last row, instead of doing the last MC set, I stopped at the CC with 36 stitches, at the suggestion of Patchworkjester on Ravelry, then bound off and seamed and pulled the yarn through the last two loops. This way the striping sequence stays in order. I do need to learn how to wrap my stitches though. The pattern says you don't have to, and really you don't because they are hidden, the holes, in the hat, but I would like to see what the difference is. I started the hat Wed. evening and finished it last night while watching the original version of "the birds". What an awesome movie. Still love it every time I see it. Alfred Hitchcock knew what he was doing. And the scenery! WOW!

Today is February 1st and I will be casting on Cozy, for the KAL that I have joined on Ravelry. It is the first time I am using this elsebeth lavold Silky Wool yarn. I am really excited about this. I purchased the yarn with this shawl in mind and I guess you could say this is my first lace type project. Even though it is not lace weight yarn. But, it is a new yarn for me and that is one of the things I menioned I wanted to do this year, knit with yarns I never have before.

Remember, if you're cold, put on a sweater. That's what they're there for!

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