Friday, February 8, 2008

Finished Objects and those in Process

Here are the socks that I have chosen to knit instead of the Friday Harbor socks that just weren't working for me. The top picture is of the finished sock, except that I finished while I was away from home and I STILL can't kirtchner stitch without the directions. So I had to place the stitches on a cable needle and a DPN to hold them.

I have decided that while the pattern is Twin Rib from Sensational Socks, in Opal Owl 6 ply, that the colors look just like dad's dog Dingo, so these will be my Dingo socks!

With this pair of socks, I am trying something different. I am doing the ribbing and leg in size 3 needles, then for the heel and the bottom of the foot I switched to a size 2 for that part and kept the size 3 on top. I wanted to see if I could make a tighter heel.

Here are a couple of pictures of Rachel wearing her sweater. I am still not that great with getting good pictures of my knitting with the camera, so I can't figure out why the top of the sweater looks wavy, but it's not really.

We had to pin down the color sides.

Here is the Tychus hat that I made for George. This was a fun knit and I will probably be making more in wool though not acrylic. Great pattern for stash busting and it will fit many sizes.

Here are pictures of my Cozy, from the KAL I am doing. Boy! What a bear! I had to rip back a number of rows in the beginning. So once I finish one complete repeat I put in the life line. This is the first time I am doing something even close to lace and it's not easy. I love the yarn though. This is the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I know I will use it again, but I'm not sure on what.

Also I know I will knit this again, with a thicker weight yarn. The pattern actually calls for Aran I believe, but I think I will use Worsted.

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