Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Back!

My knitting companion abandoned me today. It feels like the temperature is going up again, as well as the humidity, so he wanted to be as close to the outdoors as he could. I can't blame him, I'd rather be outside too!

The girls at Wednesday night knitting decided to do a shawl knit a long called Fizzi, using Zauberball yarn. This is the first time I'm working with it. I like it well enough, I only have a few balls of it.....

The pattern is in german, loosely translated into english, and we were having a hard time of it, but Carolyn helped us with the numbers and all is well and back on track again.

These are my July socks, it's the first time I'm using the Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn. They knit up nice enough, however, the color and striping do not match, even though it's the same dye lot. I don't mind fraternal twins, it's never bothered me, but not having the colors be the same is not good. But, I'll wear them!

Here is my latest gift!!! I asked my friend Katie, if she had any sock yarn scraps she would ike to contribute to my sock yarn blankie, and here they are!! A GENEROUS gift. I asked her if she just wanted me to take bits off of them and she told me no, I could have them all! That she'd never get to using them, so she was happy someone would.

Thank you Katie, you made my day!
I am so fortunate to have such great knitting friends. They've really become special people in my life.

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