Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look what I got!

This may just look like a bunch of yarn balls, but it's not! It's a gift I got from my friend Katie. She's a sock knitter too. She's a fast knitter. She knits in the movies!

I know I mentioned that I will be starting a sock yarn blankie. I'm planning to cast on August 1st. So I mentioned to Katie this, and asked her if she had any scraps she might like to contribute to my blankie, as she has used much different yarns than I have. She said, she'd be happy too!!

When she showed me the bag she brought, I told her I wished I had brought my scale and she asked why and I told her so I could weigh out five grams and she said oh no Catherine, these are all for you, I don't want them back.

I was floored and forever grateful. Thank you again Katie. I can't wait to see how these scraps will look in my blankie.

Now, keep in mind, when you knit, you usually have a pattern. This is my Mystery Hat. I do have a pattern, which I am following. My problem is, I am using the WRONG size needle!!! I am supposed to be using a 7 and I cast on and got most of the way through the hat when I realized I was using a size 5 needle. UGH!!
No, I have not and will not rip it out, it will just be smaller and warmer for some child's head.

Remember the picture from my purse the other day? Here is the completed sock as well as the beginning of the second one. Finished it up last night and began the second one. I love "plain vanilla" socks. Where Katie loves "cookie A" socks. You can find any comfort zone with knitting, it's great.

And lastly, this is FIZZI, it is our new Wednesday night knit a long. I'm using a Zauberball as the other girls are. I can't wait to see how it finishes. I have not knit anything with one yet, though I have ..... a few... And this pattern has an extensive chart, so it will be a challenge and I certainly won't be knitting that part at knit nights on Wednesdays.

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irishshammrocks said...

Aww, Catherine it was nothing! :) I'm glad your going to use the yarn! Just think you had to suffer through what I made out of each of those yarns! Happy knitting see you Wednesday!