Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

I don't know if I have ever posted a pic of hubby and I but, here goes. We don't usually get many pictures together, as I am the one taking them. So now whenever there are others around, I always try to get a picture of us.

We went to my nephew's first birthday party this weekend. It was hot, but the pavillion it was at was just lovely and a breeze came through the whole time. The food was good, seeing family for a happy ocassion was great AND I think the birthday boy liked our gift best! It was a real boy toy. (pictures tomorrow)

Knitting this weekend was truly productive, sitting in a car for many hours there and back I was able to get another pair of socks completed! For which I am happy and grateful.

Then, yesterday I worked on a "grow with me baby" hat for Karen's infants that she collects for. It is really a simple and great hat, can be sized up or down just by changing needle size and yarn weight.

I also did a square for the "over 40" group at Ravelry, they are collecting them for blankets for headstart kids.
AND I started, though a little late, the Summer 2010 Mystery Hat and Mitten along over on the "wool aid" group list over at Ravelry. I spend too much time one there.
Life is good. Be nice to those around you.

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