Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost a year

It is one day short of a year since my last post. I wish to change that. I hope to be able to find the time to update this blog and that someone, anyone, will read it and leave me a message. Ravelry has taken over my life and so I spend too much time there, too much time dreaming of all the things I have yet to knit.
My morning knitting is a pair of children's socks. Believe it or not, my first pair of children's socks and yes, they are on double pointeds because that was what I could find, plus they are zephr super smooth anodized aluminum, still in the package, from my mother, and they are MADE IN U.S.A. and when they were purchased, they cost .60.

These socks will be donated to WOOL AID, for their many charity knitting donations.

Here is my trusty knitting companion, he sleeps all night and most of the day and I can usually find him right under my feet!

Here is what I am currently knitting from, a container of donated to me yarns. I need to get some of my stash out of here, so I found the donations from a RAK list friend and have been making hats and now socks for a WOOL AID campaign. I want to empty the full container, which I have already used up two full skeins and most of two more, but here is still yarn in there, sigh.

Until next time,

keep on knitting!!

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