Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Knitting Obsession

Today I wanted to start out with a picture of the "birthday boy", my nephew Paul, from his party, and his favorite gift! It's the one we gave him. The darn thing, and kid are just too cute together. Boys and their toys!

Next we have our Mystery knit along Hat. I am making it out of some Cascade 220, one of my favorites, and some yarn that I dyed with Kool Aid a while back. I am not sure how much of that I have, the pattern said that I needed a total of 100 grams of yarn, so there were 25 grams of it, hopefully it will be enough.

I love the way this is knitting up and it will be a hard one to give away.

Here is my garter stitch charity square that I talked about yesterday. It is a simple 34 stitches and just knit. I checked my gauge and it's 8 x 8 square, which is what they asked for in blue. I will send it off in tomorrow's mail.

Now here is a smile on my face. I was searching Ravelry to look at patterns for the sock yarn blankie that TONS of people have done, and I found several that I commented on, some I even asked for their suggestions about doing it. "Lyn" over in Oxfordshire, England wrote me back her thoughts and said she'd send along some of her extras to help me with mine. IMAGINE my surprise and JOY yesterday when I got a package and these were enclosed?!!! Knitters are great people (crocheters too)

These will really help me along my way and I have will a special memory when I put them in.

And lastly, this is what I carry at all times, in my purse, a sock to knit. I am never without one. I feel as if there will never be enough time to knit everything that I hope to. I should have started 30 years ago.

Until next time,

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Annie said...

How much of each sock yarn do you need - 5 g? I will check through my stash and see what I have for you!