Thursday, July 15, 2010

Progress and promises

My sleeping companion. Yes, he's back near my feet in a different position this morning. He went to the vet yesterday, had his booster and was told he's 5 lbs overweight! So, that means an extra heartworm pill a month. We're going to work on that.

I've made nice progress on my child's sock. I finished the first one last night and that is how far I was this morning with the second one. It's alot of ribbing, which makes for alot of boredom, but it makes a cute sock.

Does it even look like any of the stash yarn is gone? No, it doesn't does it? Small children's socks do not use up much very quickly, but it is going to make a child's little toes warm and that's more important than emptying my stash box. (one of them anyway)
Promises. We all make them. Do we keep them? I'm trying, really, REALLY hard to not buy anymore yarn until Christmas in July on the 25th, only then may I buy some sock yarn. Then the next time to buy, will be the Fiberfestival in Sept and then at Rhinebeck. I have enough yarn to keep me going in sweaters, socks, and other projects that I don't NEED any yarn, I really, truly don't. But it's like an addiction sometimes and I can't help myself.
So, my promise is also to knit from what I have and share the projects and progress with you all.

These are the first few balls of what will some day be my own sock blankie. I asked a friend if she had any scraps to spare, so that I could have a memory of her in my blankie. If anyone ever reads this, and would like to contribute to my blankie, I'd be proud to knit a square with about 5 grams or 30 yards of your fingering weight. Just leave me a comment and I'll send my address along.

My husband thinks I'm crazy for this one. I explained it to him last night, when he saw me with the kitchen scale..... Yes, I went and bought a kitchen scale so that I could measure out 5 grams and make little skeins of sock yarn. This way, I have for my future blankie, to share and for monstersocken socks. He shook his head, but he understood the concept, "it's like a quilt made out of little squares. Why would you want that?"
People who don't knit, just don't understand, but he supports me and my quest to knit and be happy.
Life is good.

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