Saturday, September 1, 2007

Raglan Sleeve, Knit Top Down

Well, I finished up as much as I could of the Tunic. The collar came out nice and I did a good job of seaming the bound off shoulders, but I can't quite figure out how to do the sleeves. I need some help with that and I am hoping that when I visit with my family in a few weeks, my Aunt will be able to help me out.

As you can see, I have started the Raglan Sleeve, Knit top down sweater. I have decided to put cables down the front so that it won't be so "plain jane" and gives me a break in the monotony.

I have found that I truly like this wool, and I can not find it on the Patons website anymore, so it is probably discontinued. I don't know that I have ever used superwash DK before, but I do like the way this feels. I am sure the sweater is going to be wonderful on. It is working up quickly.

I like that my wrists don't hurt as much using the ciruclar needles as compared to the 14 inch long straight needles. But I have just changed from the Susan Bates quicksliver needles to these Bamboo ones, and I love my bamboo dpn, however, I am finding that the connection between the needles and the cable are not that "quick". So I may just have to go out and buy some size 7, 24 inch circulars today.

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